Stephen Thompson (left) is finished clowning around and is ready for a title shot. Photo Courtesy: Kris Krug
Stephen Thompson (left) is finished clowning around and is ready for a title shot.
Photo Courtesy: Kris Krug

By Kyler Kuehler

Demian Maia has been known to the UFC for quite some time and at UFC on Fox 21 he surely made his presence known even more when he defeated  Carlos Condit at just 1:52 in round one. With a big victory like that has put him in the running for a possible title shot, which he and a few fans believe he deserves to have before Stephen Thompson gets his shot after UFC president Dana White confirmed that Thompson will get the next crack at the belt.

Now it is understandable why people and Maia himself believe he should jump ahead of Thompson in title contention, but Thompson deserves to have his shot before Maia gets his and here is why.

There is first the reason that Thompson was guaranteed the next shot, so that is already out of the way, but why he really should be facing current champion Tyron Woodley is the fact that he has managed to almost dominate the welterweight division with his intense striking and great takedown defense that helped him rise to the number one title contender in the division in just a short time. Now Maia has been doing the same since he switched from a middleweight contender to a welterweight, but Thompson has looked to be more dominate in the division as he has only lost one fight giving him a record of 13-1. He has even finished eight of his 13 victories by both knockout and submission with the other five being by decision proving that he has great skill to not only finish his opponents, but cardio as he shows it to the point that he has dominated almost all his opponents making him well equipped to both finish and out last his opponents all the way through.

Indeed Maia has a much longer career than Thompson as he holds a record of 24-6 with fifteen victories by finish with 12 of them by submission making him a top submission specialist in the welterweight division and the UFC altogether. Even the fact that he has won more fights by decision gives him more reason to want a title shot ahead of Thompson.

With all that being said it starts to become much clearer why one would consider him to be next in line for a title shot.

Though my biggest reason to why Thompson gets the next shot is for the fact that he has actually defeated a former welterweight champion, while Maia has not. That is right, Thompson defeated Johny Hendricks at UFC Fight Night 82 in just 3:31 in round one. What makes this victory more worthy of Thompson receiving a title shot is all for the reason that he is the only fighter to ever finish the former champion, which proved to the world on just how dangerous of a striker he really is and how he can stand up to ground fighters like Hendricks only to dominate in a clean fashion to where they look like amateurs.

If that is not enough to convince everyone that Thompson deserves to be next for the chance to become champion then I don’t know what will convince anyone.

The only thing left to say is that after Woodley vs. Thompson happens give Maia his chance and who knows. Maybe we will get to see Thompson vs. Maia so fans will get to see who is the real king. That would be intense.