Sports Stars Who Smoke

Photo Courtesy: simplistic.designs

We all know that smoking is bad for our health. This is especially true when you are a sportsman as playing sports requires you to be in top shape. However, that does not mean that there are no great sportsmen who do not smoke at all.

Many sports stars enjoy smoking, while a good number of them love gambling at the best online casino sites. However, we shall focus on those another time. Right now, we are sharing the sports stars who smoke.

Michael Jordan
Jordan is an NBA legend and some actually call him the king of basketball. Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls back in the day and in the process, he managed to win a total of six championships. He has also been named the MVP of the NBA a total of five times, which only emphasizes his greatness. The sports star happens to be a frequent smoker and it is said that he would smoke a cigar before every game that he played. He said that it helped him relax before a match. At one time, Jordan was actually busted for smoking in a train toilet in Italy. Now, he is regularly seen smoking a cigar as he plays golf.

Alex Rodriguez
According to a blog at A-Rod is one of the best MLB players of all time although he happens to be one of the most disliked names in sports. This is because he has been busted for using performance enhancement drugs. Time and again, the talented sports star is known to light up a cigar. Over time, it has become clear that A-Rod doesn’t really care what people think about his smoking habits.

Shane Warne
This cricket star is undoubtedly one of the best players in history. He remained professional throughout his career but that has not stopped him from lighting up a cigar now and again. In fact, Warne has smoked throughout his career and at one time, was the face of Nicorette.