SMU Mustangs at UCF Knights: Game Preview

By Zach Walker

Game Info
SMU Mustangs vs UCF Knights
Saturday – October 6 – 6:00 p.m.
Spectrum Stadium – Orlando, FL

Records Gefore the Game
SMU Mustangs: 2-3 (1-0 in AAC)
UCF Knights: 2-2 (1-0 in AAC)

Who’s got the advantage?
When SMU has the ball: Well, the calm in the storm has come and gone, back to the grindstone of another unbelievable road game for the Mustangs. I believe that we’ve all seen the last of Ben Hicks as a starter for the Mustangs, and that we’re into the beginning of the William Brown era on the Hilltop. The numbers were good against the Houston Baptist team that rolled into town, but it was the poise that Brown played with, is what separates him apart from Hicks. The tandem of James Proche and Reggie Roberson look to be a killer duo, with Proche’s confident catching ability and Reggie Roberson’s absolute afterburners. The Knights aren’t weak on the defensive side of the ball, so the new-ness of William Brown is going to have to play a factor in the game for SMU to have any sort of a chance in this game. Brown is going to have to be a dagger and a hammer at the same time, and there’s really not much else the Mustangs can do to attempt to pull off the upset.

When UCF has the ball: It’s all about keeping a team out of the endzone, when it all boils down to the bones, and this is where the game gets really skewed for the Mustangs. The Knights have scored touchdowns on 17 of their 19 trips into the redzone, and the Mustangs have surrendered full scores on 12 of the 17 chances they have allowed. It’s a match made in heaven for UCF and looks as if it’ll be another demolition of a road game for the Mustangs. McKenzie Milton isn’t some run-of-the-mill “Joe-Quarterback” types, he’s a serious slinger, and perhaps the school’s next chance at another first round quarterback, after putting Blake Bortles into the NFL. The defense needs to be better for the Mustangs or the offense will really have to out gun a superior talent pool on the UCF team.

What will it take for the Mustangs to win?
The defense is going to have to make crucial stops, and the offense cannot let off the gas at anytime and let the Knights pull away with the game.

Final Score
UCF 58
SMU 31