Slots 101: Everything you need to know about Wilds

Image Courtesy: Receptional

You’ve logged in to MegaVegas online casino, because you’re new to Slots and have decided to give them a go. You’ve heard that there’s no skill involved and they’re easy to play – simply place your stake, choose your pay-lines and then press spin, or if you’re feeling lazy, auto-spin, and wait for a win. Those reels are turning super-fast and you’re waiting for those all-important symbols to line up, when you see WILD on your screen. But wait, what does this mean? And how will it help you?

Wild symbols are ones that can transform into any given symbol to offer even bigger pay-outs. Generally speaking, they won’t change to the game’s scatter, but will be any other base symbol. Say for example, you’re playing a classic fruit symbol game and land two cherries, the wild symbol could substitute for a third cherry and then you’ll be paid out for a three-of-a-kind win. The more wilds you land, the more you could in effect, win.

But different games offer different wilds, some say WILD and others are symbols, important to the game’s theme. There are also different kinds of wild, which have varying functions and bonuses. No two wilds are the same, so we are going to run through the kinds of wild you can expect to see. You may have heard of some of these before, but had no idea what they could do to your game. Consider this your 101 to slot wilds.

Colossal wilds: also known as giant wilds, these are symbols that fill the reels to create even more combinations. Rather than the wild symbol appearing on one reel, these will take up the space occupied my multiple symbols to fill the reels, either 2×2 (four symbols) or 3×3 (nine symbols). These will often fill the middle reels.

Duplicating wilds: as its name suggests, duplicate wilds are ones that multiply and fill the reels in multiple spaces. If a wild lands on your screen, watch as it replicates and transforms one of the game’s regular symbols into another wild. It may duplicate once, or even multiple times to fill a whole reel – either way, expect more winning combinations to come your way.

Expanding wilds: these wilds are fairly similar to colossal wilds, or they could even create colossal wilds, should they expand that much. As you’d expect, expanding wilds are ones that get bigger. Say for example, you land the wild on the third row, it could expand vertically twice to create a whole column of wilds. Sometimes, these will even be locked in to give you more chance of winning.

Multiplier wilds: these are symbols that carry a multiplier value, but you won’t know what it is until you land them. Not much more to say about them, other than they of course, enhance your win.

Moving wilds: we’ll come onto sticky wilds next, but moving wilds are a variation. They will stick to the reels through multiple spins, but the main difference is they don’t stay in the same position and instead, bounce around the reels to create the best winning combinations.

Sticky wilds: as its name suggests, sticky wilds are just that – they stick to the reels to appear in the same place for multiple spins. They could also be known as locked or frozen wilds – as their function is the same. These are among the most popular, because they make it possible for players to create multiple winning combinations, while having the potential to accumulate multiple wilds. Usually, sticky wilds activate free spins, and if you get more sticky wilds, you get more free spins – definitely a win/win situation for any player.