Silva vs. Bisping Might be the Biggest Fight on Fight Pass

The MMA world will be watching as Anderson "The Spider" Silva climbs back into the octogon.
The MMA world will be watching as Anderson “The Spider” Silva climbs back into the Octagon.

By Kyler Kuehler

Since Fight Pass began airing it has not had many successful cards let alone main events that are even worth following. However when news broke out that former Middleweight Champion and number one pound-for-pound Anderson Silva in his return to the octagon would face Michael Bisping in London, England for UFC Fight Night 83 main event fans just exploded as they would have never expected a fight like this to ever take place on Fight Pass; at least not for a couple of years.

While there is still the controversy of Silva’s failed drug test for steroids after his fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 183 many people are concerned if he will pass this test and give the fans a clean fight without the suspect of cheating.

What we must look at is the fact that he is considered to be the greatest martial artist to ever compete in MMA who set unbelievable records as well as bringing the sport to new heights in popularity and even gaining international recognition as well, especially from Brazil.

That is one of many reasons why this fight is so big and even though it looks to favor Silva heavily in all aspects, one cannot forget how skilled Bisping is with his striking and jiu-jitsu that could help him even the fight up and put on a great performance that no one would have ever expected to see on Fight Pass.

Bisping also brought England into the sport of MMA with his impressive style and astounding career that also helped the sport gain additional international recognition making this match up even more exciting to watch.

With all that this fight seems to bring, it could mostly mean the turning point of one’s career as fans will get to witness an epic comeback from Silva after losing the title to Chris Weidman back in 2013 at UFC 162 or another big upset from Bisping as he looks to defeat one of the greatest in the sport and possibly earn himself a title shot in the near future.

No matter how this fight turns out in the end, it will surely be watched by many around the world and it may even cause Fight Pass sales to skyrocket all for the chance to witness this epic match up that could change that path for Fight Pass entirely.