Season Preview: Time Travel to Influence The Flash Season 3

Fans of the The Flash tv show are chomping at the bit for the October 4 season premiere.
Fans of the The Flash tv show are chomping at the bit for the October 4 season premiere.

By Alex Gustafson

As The CW’s The Flash enters its third season and after Barry’s decision to travel back in time to save his mother’s life from the hands of Eobard Thawne from Season 1. As the third season approaches, below are my thoughts on what I expect to unfold during Season Three of the CW series:

  1. How long will the series’ interpretation of the Flashpoint arc last? With the Flashpoint story arc set to leadoff the season, it is unclear how long the arc will last. However, I see the arc likely lasting three to four episodes into the season.
  2. Will Barry and Iris become exclusive this season? After seeing their Earth-2 counterparts last season, fans can only expect Barry and Iris to become mutually exclusive after two season of indecision between the pair about being a couple.
  3. How will Barry’s decision to travel back in time affect DC’s other shows on The CW? It was notable that time travel would affect Arrow more than the other shows due its grounded nature. I think that the Flashpoint will.
  4. During the show’s hiatus images were released of Wally West in a Kid Flash uniform, leading to the likelyhood of Wally West’s introduction to the speedforce and his new abilities and the possibility of a team up with Barry Allen in either timeline whenever Wally receives his abilities.
  5. Who can fans expect to see as the villain during the upcoming season? With Barry’s decision to visit his mom in the past, the door is open for any number of villains could be in the works to serve as the main villain throughout Season Three. The possibility of an appearance of Eobard Thawne as the Reverse Flash while the likelyhood is for Cobalt Blue to play a pivotal role as an adversary during Season 3.
  6. How will Cisco Ramon use it vibing throughout the season? During last season Cisco aided Team Flash in taking down Zoom, who had posed as Jay Garrick, the Flash from Earth-2 to gain the trust of the group before attempting to defeat The Flash.
  7. Will Caitlyn Snow remain with Team Flash or will she journey down a darker path? During last season while on Earth-2 fans saw her Earth-2 counterpart, Killer Frost. The two could not be more polar opposites Caitlyn, although she has lost her fiancee Ronnie Raymond multiple times during the first two season of the series she has remained optimistic and energetic while aiding Team Flash in their encounters with meta-humans. Killer Frost on the hand is cold-hearted (no pun intended), has a quick temper  and that when provoked due to the loss of  her husband Ronnie Raymond and her brother Charlie.

While these are my thoughts on my what I feels fans of the series should keep an eye on, the writers have been notorious for mixing things up with plot twists and creatively eluding to DC Comics lore. These two elements have helped the show ascend to the top of the DC show slate.