Russell Westbrook: MVP Season Without the Award

Russell Westbrook certainly has put up MVP type numbers the past two season. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
Russell Westbrook certainly has put up MVP type numbers the past two seasons.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By Matthew Behrndt

Let’s be clear, Stephen Curry will earn and deserves to be MVP for the 2015-16 NBA season. This article is to examine a player that seems to get lost in the mix for one of the best players in the game currently.

Curry will get the MVP but he should not be a unanimous winner. The stats that Westbrook has put up this year should be acknowledged by a few voters.

Westbrook has 18 triple-doubles this season. He has passed the great Irvin “Magic” Johnson as having the most triple-doubles in a season in the past 30 years. That is an astonishing record because even the great LeBron James has never gone over 10 in a season and he’s won four MVPs.

There is no argument between Curry and Westbrook on who has the more all-around game but the argument of MVP is a tricky one. Without Westbrook, the Thunder are still in the top 5 in the Western Conference. Without Curry, the Warriors are at best a seven seed in the West. So with that logic Curry is the most valuable player.

Westbrook is averaging over 23 points per game with over 10 assists per game and just under 8 rebounds per game. That is a fantastic stat-line and if a man named Curry didn’t exist, he would be the MVP. ┬áTo compare, Curry is averaging 30 points per game just under 7 assists and just over 5 rebounds per game.

If you compare the two statistically, they battle back and forth in certain categories and Curry just edges out Westbrook in terms of overall category wins.

Westbrook has cemented over the past two seasons just how great he really is. He is slowing the game down to a point where he seems to know everything that is going to happen before it does like most of the great players.

If the Thunder can beat the Spurs; the match-up of Curry and Westbrook will be one of the greatest in recent memory. In basketball we want the rivalries like Bird-Johnson, Kobe-LeBron, Ewing-Olajuwon, Chamberlain-Russell. Well, it certainly looks like the next great one is going to be Westbrook-Curry if they can match-up in some meaningful games.

Finesse (Curry) vs. Power (Westbrook) it is the ultimate match-up and it is a match-up that people and NBA fans alike can get behind. Could you imagine the back and forth play between the two on the biggest stage. Each player trying to match each the other bucket for bucket while those same players are defending each other. Two of the greatest fan-bases rooting on their team’s best players vying for another taste of that NBA Finals feeling.

Westbrook unfortunately, for him, has drawn the card of being in one of the greatest era of players in NBA history. Even someone on his own team is seen and has the hardware to prove that he is better. If he keeps up the way he is been playing over the past two years there is doubt that he will eventually earn the title of MVP.