Royal Rumble (2016) Preview

John Cena might be out due to injury but that still shouldn't affect the greatness of the Royal Rumble. Photo Courtesy: DuckPuppy
John Cena might be out due to injury but that still shouldn’t affect the greatness of the Royal Rumble. Photo Courtesy: DuckPuppy

By Connor Risenhoover

The road to this year’s Wrestlemania in Dallas gets underway this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. The event, typically referred to as one of the big four WWE pay-per-views, features the setup and beginning of many stories that will likely see their end at WrestleMania.

The Rumble sees 30 superstars in one ring. Two men begin with another entering every two minutes.

Typically the event is fast paced and features the returns of many former wrestlers to add to the hype. This year will be a little different because there is an added wrinkle. The winner of this year’s rumble will end up with the title instead of the main event for said title at WrestleMania.

Without injuries keeping many of the WWE’s talent out of the rumble it appears as though adding the extra stipulation will provide some needed mystery as to who the winner might be this year. With 29 men vying for Roman Reigns’ championship it should be an interesting main event.

The Rumble will not only feature its titular match but will also see the defense of some of the other titles as well.

Alberto del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto
Since the departure of Rey Mysterio, WWE has been desperate to find a Hispanic superstar to appeal to its very large Hispanic audience. Both of these men have that capability. They will be competing for the U.S. Championship. Kalisto has been growing in popularity the past few weeks and has recently won and lost the title he will be fighting for at the Rumble. It’s a toss up in terms of a winner but there should be an excellent amount of lucha libre between two men who are incredible athletes.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens
This fight for the Intercontinental championship should be just that, a fight. Classically known as the championship for the guys who can really go in the ring, this match should also be excellent. Don’t let the size of Owens or the insanity of Ambrose fool you, both men are above solid in the ring. In what could be the technical match of the night two of the rising stars in the WWE will put on a great match. Both Ambrose and Owens have a history of working pretty stiff so expect a slug fest.

The New Day (c) vs. The Usos
What to say about this match. The New Day have been a bright spot in an otherwise dark and injury filled time in the WWE. The three man team have seemed to step up and get the crowd to react with either boos or cheers depending on city. They simply have made wrestling fun. They are enjoying what they do and it comes across on the screen. The Uso’s are back to claim their tag team gold. The two are being cheered again after being off for injury. Because its a New Day match, it’ll be fun, no matter the outcome.

Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch
This is a Divas championship match that actually has some interest going in. The story line is not how crazy women are. It is simply about being the best. Becky was able to go one on one with Ric Flair on the microphone and held her own. Both women have played their roles beautifully and the feud has been written believably and respectfully. This match will be about the wrestling which is something that couldn’t be said about a Divas match in years. Both are great wrestlers so if the crowd is into it, this could catch people off guard with the quality.

Royal Rumble
Roman is the next face of WWE. We get it. Will he overcome the odds of 29 other men and get to keep his title? We’ll see. There is so much mystery built in to the Rumble. Who will the other 29 men be, what will the ending be, who will surprise? With the news that Bullet Club is making their way to America the match is more intriguing. Will AJ Styles show up, the Undertaker, Triple H? WWE has a track record of not listening to the fans (Royal Rumble 2013-14) so it should be an interesting decision to see what will happen at Rumble and then down the line, at WrestleMania 32 in April.

Rumble should be an enjoyable show. Sit back, turn your brain off, and enjoy some simulated senseless violence.