It's just a matter of time for Ronaldo Souza to be in the UFC limelight.
It’s just a matter of time until Ronaldo Souza is in the UFC limelight.

By Kyler Kuehler

Ronaldo Souza has been on a quest to receive his first UFC middleweight title shot and after his epic TKO victory over former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort. It appears that he will finally get his wish.

Some may argue that he should not get the next shot as someone like Michael Bisping should be fighting for the title next due to his latest win over the former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. It looks like Bisping should be receiving a title shot as well, but Souza deserves the next shot much more and here is why.

Souza has possibly been labeled as one of the most underrated middleweight contenders in UFC history and has beaten some big names in his career. Yet Souza still is over looked by fans as well as the entire roaster. With his professional record showing 23 wins and only four losses (one no contest) and in the UFC he holds a record of 6-1; it comes to question why he has not received his title shot. One could say he is not a popular fighter or because he does not trash talk and therefore has not rightfully earned his shot yet, but that is not what competition is all about.

This now brings up the fact of his fighting style in which he has great techniques of judo, Muay Thai and jiu-jitsu that have made him well-rounded in his striking as well as being one of the most efficient grapplers in the middleweight division and possibly the entire UFC roaster as he possesses 16 wins via submission. With that many submission victories he surely is a threat to the entire middleweight division and should not be taken likely as he has even proven it time and time again against other jiu-jitsu specialist as well as judos and even wrestlers.

When it then comes to his record and techniques it brings up his biggest victories, which in his career he has had plenty of them against Tim Kennedy (whom he beat for the Strikeforce Middleweight Title), current Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler, Gegard Mousasi (who had also previously defeated Souza in the first encounter) and of course his latest against Vitor Belfort. With victories over big names like these contenders should surely make him known to the MMA world especially since he managed to finish three of these fighters, but still dominated all in a great performance.

If these victories are not enough to earn him the next title shot as well as having the great techniques in his fighting style then I do not know what the UFC has become.

But if the UFC were smart and looked over all that Souza has accomplished, then the organization will learn that it is a no brainer on why he deserves to have the next crack at the belt against the winner of the Rockhold and Weidman rematch scheduled to headline UFC 199.

And who knows, he might be the fighter Brazil has been looking for to try and reclaim the title from the USA after losing it in 2013 at UFC 162 in the Silva vs. Weidman fight.