Did Robbie Lawler Really Win at UFC 195?

Did Robbie Lawler deserve to be called Champion after his fight with Carlos Condit? Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs
Did Robbie Lawler deserve to be called Champion after his fight with Carlos Condit?
Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs

By Kyler Kuehler

With UFC 195 over the fans have already seen an epic war between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit for the UFC Welterweight Championship that looks to be in the running for ‘Fight of the Year’, which is pretty impressive for being on the very first card of the year.

Though with the fight being labeled as possibly the best welterweight fight to ever take place inside the octagon with it being close all the way through, has some fans questioning if the scoring was called fairly or just another screw job in the making.

Both fighters were bloodied and bruised after the fight and congratulated each other and themselves as they were not sure who had won the bout along with chairman Dana White and broadcasters Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. When the scores were read and it came to a split decision that left fans in both joy and complete shock when Robbie Lawler was announced, “And still champion”, for most of the fight seemed to be in control by Carlos Condit.

The score seemed to many fans and most of the UFC to be a robbery as Condit looked to have done more damage to Lawler and even made an impressive 198 strikes landed out of 504 to where Lawler only landed 78 out of 177 making it much clearer that Condit should be the new Welterweight Champion.

Breaking down the fight even more, it becomes clear that Lawler won Round 2 and possibly Round 3 as well, which was extremely close so it could have even been scored the other way, but to be clear Condit won the first and fourth rounds easily and even with the final round which was an all out brawl with both fighters trying to finish the fight, but Condit clearly did more damage to the point that the round should have gone to him along with the fight.

To make the decision seem more unfair, 15 out of the 20 media scores scored the fight in favor of Condit with 14 scoring it 47-48 with one giving it a score of 46-49, which seems to be the scores of how most everyone who favored Condit as the true winner of this epic war.

From all the striking, the damage and scoring it is more clear that Condit should now have claimed what he worked so hard for since entering the UFC, but with the fact that this was a very controversial split decision an immediate rematch could be in the works later in the year, which would surely make perfect sense.

After all, this was a true war and fans would love to see a rematch take place and I say make it happen. Who knows, we might even get to see a finish, giving fans the answer to who should be champion once the fight is over.