Rangers vs Mariners 8/7/2018

Photos by Dominic Ceraldi

Bartolo Colon holds the record for most victories (246) all time by a Latin American-born pitcher. He received offensive support with the long ball in the 11-4 victory on Tuesday night.

Scoring Summary

Inning SEA TEX
  2nd Cruz homered to left (413 feet). 1 0
  2nd Seager homered to left (424 feet). 2 0
  3rd Span tripled to deep center, Gordon scored. 3 0
  3rd Choo grounded out to first, Chirinos scored, Calhoun to third, Tocci to second. 3 1
  3rd Odor doubled to left center, Calhoun and Tocci scored. 3 3
  3rd Andrus singled to left, Odor scored. 3 4
  4th Calhoun hit sacrifice fly to center, Gallo scored. 3 5
  5th Haniger hit sacrifice fly to left, Romine scored. 4 5
  5th Profar homered to right (402 feet), Andrus and Beltré scored. 4 8
  6th Odor homered to right (362 feet), Choo scored. 4 10
  6th Beltré homered to center (413 feet). 4 11