Rangers Go Young As Brutal Season Marches On

Photo Courtesy: Peter Miller

By Wiley Singleton

Considering the Rangers sold at the deadline and are rapidly falling into a deep decline, it would be rather pedantic to go game by game and list the details of the suffering. No Ranger fan wants to read that. Instead the focus of the article will be the new additions to the roster like Sam Huff. Huff is a large catching prospect and is one of the Rangers top 3 prospects. The prospect of never having to see Jeff Mathis catch again for the Rangers is an appealing one. Jose Trevino and Sam Huff both clearly need some honest looks on a big league roster destined for failure. 

Leody Tavares is getting playing time in center but is mostly a defensive player. He is batting .225. There is not much to look forward to in the farm system. The Rangers draft poorly and are just as inept at developing talent. Elvis Andrus got hurt and is out for the year. Elvis has declined sharply for the last few years. Over the last 3 years he has had below league average OBP. Elvis is the lone holdover from the oft mentioned 2010/2011 glory years. The career epitaph of Elvis can not be written yet, but he might have played his final game as a Ranger. Even if he keeps playing as a Ranger until he retires, he is so unproductive he cannot build his legacy much more. Elvis Andrus will always be remembered for being the goat of the 2015 ALDS, where his clownish defensive performance allowed the Blue Jays to complete their reverse sweep. People often think only about the Joey Bats homer with the massive bat flip. But the events that led up to that moment are what a true baseball fan remembers. Elvis Andrus should not be a Rangers Hall of Famer and he has no future on this barron roster. 

The Rangers are in a deeply troubled state that would bore even the most hardcore baseball fan. The repugnant facade of the Rangers being billed as a playoff team has been revealed as a grotesque charade. It is time to tear it down. The farm system is a joke. The current MLB roster is even worse. Players like Rougie Odor were supposed to be center pieces and are not even startable. Rougie did what he has been doing his whole career this week: after months of insufferable ineptitude he got hot right before the team would actually move on from him. The Rangers are a dead team walking, and the season must end before the autopsy occurs.