PS Plus ‘Vote to Play’ is Back in the Form of Broforce

Broforce wins the Vote to Play for PS Plus users. Photo Courtesy: PlayStation Europe
Broforce wins the Vote to Play for PS Plus users.
Photo Courtesy: PlayStation Europe

By Stephen Elliott

For the second time as a Playstation Plus member, people voted for a game free to play on their PS4. And member voices’ spoke for Broforce.

The other candidates, Assault Android Cactus and Action Henk, are available March 8 with a 30% discount. Votes were casted a month earlier in February, as they were in August 2015 for the eventual October winner Grow Home.

Broforce is a 2D gun shooter, multiplayer ass-kicking-action game developed by the “bros” at Free Lives Games. Style and characters are mirrored from American action 80’s and 90’s films. Sounds and music echoes the two decades with explosions complimented with head-banging electric guitar rifts. The playable Bros, such as Rambro, Brominator and more, are named-based from you’re favorite action flicks and yes, they rarely run empty on ammunition. Broforce gives you the feel of Mario Super Bros. if Mario and friends were born in America during the Expendables trilogy. It’s a fun and addictive game to play with friends, or solo if you want the Rambo good ol’ solo-operation America ass-kick feel.

Per every month, PS Plus members are given additional titles to play across your gaming platforms.

Other Games Available for Free
GALAK-Z is another shooter game for the PS4 with elements best compared to the arcade classic Asteroids. The 2D sci-fi title published and developed by 17-bit follows your character and his spacecraft as he tactically blasts is way through asteroid space. Designer Jake Kazdal created a single-player action adventure that’s easy controls and character interactions keeps you wanting to play more.

Get survivors to the escape zone while fighting off zombies in Last Guy for the PS3. Going back to shooter-games, Super Stardust HD is also available for the PS3. The uniquely creative Reality Fighters and fire-tamer Flame Over available for PS Vita round out the list.

Here are some upcoming games available in March:
Tom Clancy’s The Division-March 8, 2016
Hitman-March 11, 2016
101 Ways To Die-March 22, 2016
MLB 16: The Show-March 29, 2016