Prodigious Stories to be Told, ‘Stories: The Path of Destinies’ Review

"Of course, Reynardo had a pretty strong suspicion that Lapino had betrayed the Rebellion. But could Reynardo Really leave an old friend to the Ravens?"
“Of course, Reynardo had a pretty strong suspicion that Lapino had betrayed the Rebellion. But could Reynardo really leave an old friend to the Ravens?”

By Stephen Elliott

What if every choice you made resulted in a different outcome?

Pretty simple concept right? Probably something some of us carefully consider before making choices. Like deciding not to do something in favor of something else.

Well, what if there was a novel video game that you could go back and change those choices?

That’s the concept presented to you in Stories: Path of Destinies. Problem is you don’t know that decision’s affect until you play out that entire story. If you choose rescuing old friends, they could turn against you leading to your eventual death. Once that happens, your character is dusted off and presented with your path choice again. Before I ruin anymore story outcomes, it’s best that I tell you about Spearhead Games’ latest title.

The action, role-play follows Reynardo, a fox with an obvious lust for a good story. The novel opens with Reynardo making a vow to his late mother to protect a kid rabbit, at least it looked like one. But of course that doesn’t go according to plan. The kid runs off with a book that the Ravens (bad guys) are looking for. The rabbit dies and the book is left in Reynardo’s possession. The bizarre and relatively dark opens the unexpected for the game.

Reynardo’s fate is 100% in your hands. Stories: Path of Destinies gives you choices to play through, based of your desires for your hero’s outcome. A narrator echoes your every move with witty comments and subtle hints foreshadowing your storied outcome (listen carefully). Combat doesn’t pose much challenge. There aren’t any big bosses that take a systematic scheme to get by before you can move on and the before mentioned Ravens cap their abilities relatively early.

But that doesn’t mean your character isn’t challenged. The challenge comes with obstacles and traps to avoid. The fantastic art design of Stories allows the game to craft things like a series of cannons that shoot fire or walking into a closed off trap that leaves you to fend off 20+ enemies. And you’re rewarded with weapon and attribute upgrades. You have from up to four swords to unlock and customize with progression skills adding to your player’s combat.

Path of Destinies is an entertaining and fun play. Traveling through the novel theme and the narrator gave it a unique feel for a video game. The choice based concept adds to the uniqueness. Everyone matters and can completely alter your story. What keeps you playing is the many different stories to be played out. Yet, the different paths seem short. It only took five chapters to complete a story which goes by quickly especially without much enemy difficulty.

Grade: B
+looks amazing            -short stories
+numerous outcomes   -lack of challenge
+narration novel

This is a video game review on the PS4  from a personal buy.