Popular Gambling Related Online Apps for Android

Photo Courtesy: Bownose
Get the Live Roulette app asap and let the fun begin! Photo Courtesy: Bownose

Apps have become more or less like fashion accessories. Every single person has a different taste. This makes it somewhat difficult to come up with a list of the most popular apps. But like fashion accessories, there are items that are common in almost everyone’s closet. However, selecting the best accessory is easier than selecting the best hat. Let’s dive into it.

LastPass is a password manager. The app generates unique and difficult to crack passwords. It saves the passwords and auto-fills them when you next access the site or app. Passwords to money transfer accounts and online gambling accounts will be uniquely generated and safely stored.

Google Drive is a cloud storage option available from Google. The service allows users to store data. The thing we are particularly interested in are the applications it comes with. Google sheets allow you to store excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets that help us analyse how we have been performing in online casino slots.

Slot Machine has had more than 10 million downloads, so it should not be a surprise that it is on this list. The app allows online gamblers to play a wide range of slots for free or real money. It also has a progressive jackpot. Some of these apps allow you to download and play on the go.

Live Roulette is an app that allows players to play live roulette in online casinos. It gives access to the live Golden Riviera Australia Casino through mobile devices.

This list is not exhaustive, far from it. It’s just a quick list of apps we think every online gambler should have on their mobile site.