Pokemon Go: The Take Over

If you're going to play Pokemon Go, please use common sense... if you have it. Photo Courtesy: Eduardo Woo
If you’re going to play Pokemon Go, please use common sense… if you have it.
Photo Courtesy: Eduardo Woo

By Paul A. Esquivel

Pokemon Go. What’s there to say about it that hasn’t already been said? I mean you have the teen girl who found a dead body near a river looking for a water-type Pokemon or how about the group of guys in Missouri who used the game to lure unsuspecting victims into a trap and rob them. Then there is the girl who almost got banned from the game for violating the terms and conditions by offering her services to play your account for $20 an hour. How about the DDOS attack that brought down servers or the crowd of people who flooded Central Park trying to catch a Vaporeon and what have you. Hell, even locally in the Town of Flower Mound, a teen was bit by a copperhead in a park playing Pokemon Go. You even have people who are freaking out about how much info the game has on your Google account even though they probably give more information to Facebook daily. The news about Pokemon Go is enough to have its own 24-hour news cycle, if there was one… I shamefully admit that I would tune in to it at least twice a day.

Love it or hate it, the sensation is sweeping everyone, and sadly everyone includes the jerks and idiots. A lot of people say that common sense is a spectrum but as life goes on it’s starting to look more like a scatter plot with breathing being the zero point. You would think that telling people not to play Pokemon Go and drive is something we wouldn’t have to say, but then you remember that we put “do not drink” on bleach bottles, so there’s that.

We as a human race don’t have the best track record at not being fuck ups and we have an even worse track record of blaming other things for our actions. There was a time here in America “Home of the Brave” that parents didn’t want their kids reading comic books for fear it would make them violent and encourage lewd behavior. We have a habit of trying to red herring our way out of admitting to lack of responsibility or self control. Pokemon Go is just like anything else really, something fun that douchebags can sometimes make less fun.

Have you ever been to a sporting event of any kind? Shit I love the Dallas Stars but I don’t love, let alone like every Dallas Stars fan. “Death by Pokemon is coming” warned Gerry Beyer, and yeah of course it is. You don’t have to be a professor of law at Texas Tech to figure that one out. I bet “death by automobile” was uttered when cars first hit the streets and with how much our society caters to stupidity I feel like it’s only a matter of time before reports of Pokemon Go helping people meet others and make new friends become incidents sounding like Black Friday stories.

But this isn’t at all Pokemon Go’s fault and I’m not only defending it because I like and actively play this game. I know it’s only a matter of time before the Pokemon Go popularity bubble pops and honestly I can’t wait for it to pop, because that means less of you crashing the servers and taking over gyms, but more importantly, less of team instinct and team mystic. And for those of you who hate hearing about it, know there is no escape because this is what pop culture is.

who doesn't love catching a rare pokemon only for it to stick on this screen
Who doesn’t love catching a rare Pokemon only for it to stick on this screen?

So don’t fear Pokemon Go, natural selection runs its course no matter the fad and don’t blame Pokemon Go if some asshat rear ends you. Just like drunk drivers, blame the person not the drink, or in this case the pocket monster. As Jean-Paul Sartre once said “Every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance.”

So take that as you will…