Pittsburgh Steelers vs Houston Texans Preview

The Houston Texans cheerleaders will be the bow on the Texans victory present today. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
The Houston Texans cheerleaders will be the bow on the victory present if they win today.
Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal

By Da’Vince “Dino” Wright

Game Info
Pittsburgh Steelers vs Houston Texans
Monday – December 25 – 3:30 p.m.
NRG Stadium – Houston – Texas

Records Before the Game
Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3, 6-1 Away)
Houston Texans (4-10, 3-4 Home)

Both teams lost last week. Houston got spanked by the Jaguars and the Steelers got spanked by the referees! Now it’s a new week and both teams have something to prove. The Texans want to end this crazy season on a winning note and the Steelers are playing for playoff positioning. Let’s take a look at this game from a die hard fan point of view.

Why you shouldn’t watch this game
It’s Christmas and we’re having dinner with great conversation about life and the pursuit of happiness.

Why you should watch this game
You want the Texans to put a lump of coal in the Steelers stocking by beating Pittsburgh at home.
The perfect Christmas gift for a Texans fan!

Offensive Game Plan
The Texans offense has to run the ball. Pass blocking is all but obsolete from the first game of the year until now. Quick passes on the edge would keep back up quarterback T.J. Yates upright this week. The offense is pretty banged up with five players on that side of the ball listed as questionable. The only thing the offense can do is score and eat up the clock on long drives. Quick scores gives the Steelers opportunity of taking the ball down the field and scoring. This week offense is the best defense.

Defensive Game Plan
Beat up Big Ben! The Steelers quarterback gets rattled when he starts the game on the turf. Le’Veon Bell will get about 20-25 carries during this contest. He’s dangerous carrying the ball and catching passes out of the backfield. The Texans cornerbacks have to jam the Steelers receivers at the line to disrupt their routes. The defense has to make their offense “make plays not run plays”. This means if the Steelers come out and run scripted plays the Texans will get blown out at home. If the game is close, the Texans have a chance. Defense is key this week.

ESPN is picking the Pittsburgh to get an easy win this Christmas! They (Steelers) have a 66.3% chance of winning. The Texans have nothing to lose so they should scrap that conservative stuff and beat up the Steelers… if they can! The over/under is 45 so take it because its easy money. I see the Texans losing this week. Steelers 38 – Texans 17