Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys: The Follow-Up Album

Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett knows that feeding Ezekiel Elliott early and often is a key to success in beating the Philadelphia Eagles. Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys
Sunday – December 9 – 3:25 p.m.
AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Records Before the Game
Philadelphia Eagles (6-6, 2-3 Away)
Dallas Cowboys (7-5, 5-1 Home)

The Cowboys beat the Saints ten days ago. That’s reiteration for the final person emerging from under their rock. They made the Saints look mortal, made everything that the Saints do on offense almost nonexistent, and made the combination of Drew Brees and Sean Payton have their worst game possibly ever.

Is the Cowboys’ defense actually ELITE? Who’s to know really? During the Cowboys’ win streak they have allowed the Eagles 20 points, the Falcons 19, Washington led by Colt McCoy 23 points, and then the Saints racked up 10 points. What does that all correlate to…? Nothing. I believe that it means nothing. The defense took the Saints game as a personal and professional challenge, backed their words with a game on the field that left the NFL landscape stunned. I have believed in this defense all season long. I believe that they have ninety percent of the necessary personnel to be a truly great defense for the future, they’re missing that rock of a safety to really button it all down, but this defense has talent across the depth chart.

Now on to this game against the Eagles. Does that performance against the Saints mean that the Cowboys aren’t capable of losing this game? ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?!? The NFC East is going to be the NFC East. Rule number one, people. The big takeaway from the Saints’ game from a Cowboys’ offensive standpoint is that Dak Prescott still has room to grow. He took some bad sacks, held the ball too long, and had a few throws that left points off the board. But, collectively, the team overcame early adversity to win, and that should really ease the minds of Cowboys’ fans.

The Eagles haven’t been good this season. Carson Wentz coming back from injury hasn’t been that consistent surgeon that he showed a season ago, pre-injury. The run game has been ravaged by injury, and now has Josh Adams totting ball for them instead of Jay Ajayi or even Darren Sproles. Golden Tate hasn’t materialized into the type of threat they envisioned when trading for him. Zach Ertz is a monster. Fact. Water is wet, and Zach Ertz is going to get his. But the injuries for the Eagles have been to their secondary. They’ve emptied the tank, blown through the reserves, and are now fumes in their secondary, and as much as I’d say from a gameplan standpoint, attack them at will, being smart, draw the defense into that shiny light that is Zeke Elliott, then hit a streaking loose Amari Cooper for a big shot deep. That’s the way to do it.

It’ll frustrate, it’ll go down to the wire, but the Cowboys will keep the good times rolling in the difficult follow-up to their game against the Saints.

Final Score
Dallas Cowboys 27
Philadelphia Eagles 21