Overlord Review

Overlord is a must-see film that will push the limits of your mind. Photo Courtesy: Paramount Pictures

By Kyler Kuehler

Overlord is a war horror film released on November 9, 2018. It tells the story of a small party of American soldiers dropped behind enemy lines the day before D-Day. They are to carry out a mission, but things take a drastic turn when they discover secret Nazi experiments.

While sitting through this film I was impressed by the outcome of what it offered. Therefore, I must reward it with eight out of ten stars; let me tell you why.

Beginning with the film’s plot, it sets the stage for a diehard adventure. The film offers a new twist on World War II in which audiences are sure to see an astonishing amount of battles. The secret experiments gave us chills to how dangerous the Nazis were. Even made us think what else they could have been working on if this was all real.

Not to mention all the questions being brought up with each receiving an answer. After all, no one likes a standalone film with thousands of unanswered questions.

Then there are the characters. At times they feel a little undeveloped, but still, manage to bring the true nature the film was striving for. Even when they knew their chances were not great, they still made us believe they were going to succeed. That’s how every war-based film needs be drawn out─right? It still would have been nice to receive a back-story to each character.

Relating back to the story, the battle scenes play out just right. From back and forth advantages to dominating victories, audiences were not disappointed. Whether or not the fights were with weapons or their bare hands and feet, they delivered.

The effects the film provided were good, but not great. Yes, plenty of explosions and zombie-like soldiers are fun. However, they need to be exposed greater when placed in a war film. I mean, isn’t that something audiences strive to see in these films.

All in all the film works perfectly as a standalone, which I hope they keep it that way.

Now Hollywood, let’s see what you have in store for us next. Come on, bring us your best shot.