No Man’s Sky Gets Release Date

No Man's Sky will be released on June 21st
No Man’s Sky will be released on June 21, 2016. Image Courtesy: Hello Games

By Matthew Behrndt

The much anticipated game of No Man’s Sky, has finally set a release date. The game is being published by an indie gaming company called Hello Games on June 21 this year.

The game was first introduced to me at the 2013 E3 convention and immediately I loved the idea. I however, did not know it would be three years later when the game would be released. The game taking a while to release isn’t a surprise after the release of the information of what is included.

The game is an exploratory game. Its a mix between Minecraft and Spore. If you don’t like the premise of those two games then this game might not be for you. This game is at an even larger scale though. Creator Gareth Bourn said it is pretty likely that you could not run into another player online. You may ask, why is that and why is that fun?

Well, its because the game is set in outer space and there are going to be 18 Quintilian planets! Yea you read that right, and you can individually explore each planet in the game. Basically, you will never visit every single planet in the game.

Once you land on a planet with your personalized spaceship, you are then allowed to gather resources on that planet. Those resources can then be used to make and modify your ship, weapons and anything else that could be customized. Also, if the planet hasn’t been discovered by the time you arrive, then you are allowed to name the planet and anything on it whatever you want. There will be a censor of what you can name things.

The game is only going to be released on PS4 and PC. Right now you can go pre-order the game online or at any retail store that will sell the game.