NFL Betting Guide

What are you watching on Sundays? Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs

Few sports grip America in the way football does and the NFL continues to be the most watched sport in the country.

Sportsbooks are all too aware of the impact the NFL has on both the finances of sports betting companies and the importance of the sport to punters.

Finding ways to win through NFL sports betting is no easy task however and it has often been the scourge of many experienced and rookie bettors.

Central to the issues most punters face when betting on American Football is the scoring system, with so many permutations on every market, it can be confusing for bettors.

However, such variety within the marketplace presents an opportunity for players to make money – hence why NFL betting is so popular.

With plenty of things to look out for here is a guide to NFL Betting:

Get on the NFL Betting Offers

Sportsbooks the world over are very much part of the NFL bandwagon and they are looking to attract new customers and retain existing ones through a range of NFL betting offers.

As mentioned, the range of NFL bets out there gives punters opportunity and within that the wealth of markets promotional bets can be used on are huge.

Some bookmakers give out free bet tokens with or without initial deposits whilst other companies give players a risk-free NFL bet, meaning they give players their stake back should a particular bet lose.

Finding the latest NFL betting odds and tips is always recommended as well as deciphering which bookies are offering the best odds on the bookmakers page.

Find the niche NFL Bets

The sheer number of bets available for punters means that the NFL market can often be polluted with obvious, low value bets that inexperienced punters feel obliged to place.

However, for NFL fans that seek out excellent value in every bet – there certainly are plenty of lucrative options.

Betting in-play on the NFL action is always recommended as odds tend to fluctuate and be over-inflated as the action unfolds whilst there are plenty of NFL specific markets that can yield significant rewards.

Bets such as the next player or team to score a touchdown, number of points in a quarter and the margin of victory can all return excellent sums of money from relatively little initial outlay.

Successfully seeking out the niche NFL bets can be a sure fire way to make money, no matter what your budget is when betting.

Build the NFL Accumulators

Accumulator betting is a tried and tested method for most punters as they look to find the maximum value in every bet – for a minimal stake.

NFL schedulers are savvy individuals, and they are constantly looking to group fixtures together in an attempt to entice punters to bet.

Successfully picking 4 or more NFL results can return incredible sums of money for a relatively low stake – adding to the appeal of NFL accumulator betting.

Furthermore, the drama that comes with betting on games as they unfold and piling them into an accumulator adds to the NFL spectacle.

Have a NFL Betting Strategy

With so many markets for punters to access, it can be somewhat of a lottery when looking for the best way to bet on the NFL.

Choosing games that are likely to have lots of scores, backing reliable quarter backs and betting on the results on every quarter are generally shrewd approaches for most NFL betting enthusiasts.

Central to the NFL betting strategy for most punters is sticking to the plan, veering off course can be costly for punters so try to develop a strategy and stick to it.