New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys: The True Underdog Game

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott needs to have a cerebral game and weather the storm against the Saints.
Photo Courtesy: @DBoyz62 Twitter Account

By Zach Walker

Game Info
New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboys
Thursday – November 29 – 7:20 p.m.
AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Records Before the Game
New Orleans Saints (10-1, 5-0 Away)
Dallas Cowboys (6-5, 4-1 Home)

The Cowboys have surged back, taken hold of the NFC East, and control their own fate from this point going forward. They have looked like a different team over the past three games. Even if they aren’t strong on a particular drive, the incompetence has been nipped in the bud. The running game has looked strong since the change-over from Paul Alexander… we’ve all heard all this stuff.

I’ve yet to meet a person, who wasn’t a fan of the other three NFC South teams that has anything but respect for Drew Brees. At this point, he’s a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer, a champion in a city that might cherish that title stronger than any single title ever won, and a symbol to every person out there to persevere and never try and accept a doubter’s doubt. Brees is 39 years… I’d say old, but just look at what he’s still capable of doing. Brees is re-writing all the books of quarterbacking, with this season looking like a published dissertation for his doctorate. 76.4 percent of his passes get caught, thrown 29 touchdowns so far, and a lowly pair of interceptions.

As one does, I watched the game following the Thanksgiving Cowboys’ game, and Brees was beating great coverage, as in the receiver was actually not open, with dimes. Just ice cold precision. Michael Thomas is possibly the most underrated single player in the NFL, and when combined with that Brees precision, it’s just straight peanut butter and jelly. The combination of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara is exactly what teams dream about when roster building. Both a threat on the ground and nightmare through the air, and again when it’s teamed with Sean Payton and Drew Brees, the visions of a second Super Bowl isn’t some kind of baseless claim.

The Saints’ defense started out looking like the weight that would sink the team if everything came together for them. Cam Jordan and Sheldon Rankins have wretched down the leaks, and revved up the pressure that they put on the opposing quarterback.

Sooo… Do the Cowboys have a chance in this game?
Yes. This is the type of game that the Cowboys would mess around, do everything right, and end up winning this game and shocking everybody in the land. This game is in AT&T Stadium, that’s the ultimate difference. This game in New Orleans, the Saints probably double the score that they’ll allow to the Cowboys. Demarcus Lawrence has the mind-set perfect, hit them, knock them, make them play a different game and the Cowboys can do Cowboys offense things, which like mentioned earlier, meaning Zeke getting his and Amari Cooper showcasing his speed which almost seemed like old-school VCR fast-forwarding against Washington. Dak Prescott needs a cerebral game, and out-duel the game’s best gunslinger.

Dallas wins. I know… I’m a homer.

Final Score
Cowboys 40
Saints 35