Monaco – Ever-Flowing Champagne and Opulent Parties

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Among top traveling destinations across the world are some European countries. They are visited by thousands of travelers every year. The rich history, cultural heritage, and beautiful landscapes are what attract tourists from all around the world to come and see these places. There is always a reason to find to go and visit a European country. Countries like the UK and France have hundreds of thousands of visitors, while some smaller and less-known countries are still fighting for the traveler’s attention. However, even those small and not that well-known countries deserve a place in your to-travel list.

Monaco and Monte Carlo

Monaco is a small country on the French Riviera. Indeed, it’s the second-smallest country in the world after Vatican City. Monaco is home to around 38,682 citizens. French is the official language of the country. The people use the famous Monegasque dialect that stands somewhere between French and Italian, but you can also easily understand using English or Italian. It’s also one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. Monaco is known as one of the wealthiest and expensive places in Europe to visit. Monaco is a constitutional monarchy and Prince Albert II holds the throne.

Multi-million yachts in the Monte Carlo harbor, flow of golden champagne, fireworks… This view welcomes the tourist the first time he lands in the country of Monaco. The opulent lifestyle, the high standard of living, the luxury, these are the things that catch the traveler’s eye every time he visits Monaco. There are many reasons why to visit this small country on the French Riviera. Interestingly enough, Monaco citizens do not have to pay taxes, and it’s the reason why it became of interest to the world’s wealthiest people. Grand casinos, unforgettable parties, and glamorous nightclubs are the things that a visitor needs for a fabulous nightlife. Here are some reasons to visit Monaco and have a glamorous stay in the second-smallest country in the world. Overnight, Monaco has grown into the biggest gambling destination in Europe. 

Casino di Monte Carlo

Casino di Monte Carlo dates back to 1863 and it’s one of the oldest casinos in the world. The general public became familiar with the opulence and grandeur of this place watching James Bond and Ocean’s Twelve movies.  It’s a place of over 108,000 square feet to explore. Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and l’Opéra de Monte Carlo are indeed located in the same place, so it’s like the place for all entertainment-seekers in Monaco. Those with a taste for finer things can taste some delicious culinary receipts in some of the 18 restaurants. 

If you don’t feel like leaving the house, you can still gamble in the comfort of your own home playing online casino games. There are great bonus prices and promotional packages that online casino sites put at your disposal to make your gambling experience a one to remember. Like that’s not enough, players can always receive a to make gambling even more exciting. Tons of slots are available for playing online, but players can also download them on the smartphone for more ease.

The rich lifestyle and wealthy people walking across Monaco’s streets are the pictures that people have of Monaco’s high lifestyle. Expensive yachts moored in the harbor, rare sports car driving across the streets, and you come to the oldest casino in the world, a huge building in its full grandeur. It’s known for the rich gambling lifestyle and the European gambling center for many years. In the 1950s, the head of state commissioned the newly-built casino in Monte Carlo without increasing taxes on citizens. In the beginning, the casino was empty and not visited by many people until thanks to railroads, Monaco was connected to the resto of the world.

Sightseeing in Monaco

Monaco became a target of Europe’s most hedonistic elites coming from all over the world to enjoy opulent parties with ever-flowing champagne and renowned opera productions. The interesting history, important landscapes, heavily policed streets, make Monaco a very secure place for travelers who want to spend a few days in a fairytale and get the privilege to enjoy the beauties of this famous touristic place. Take a break between walking tours by drinking a coffee at fresco café bars.

Annual events like Tennis Masters Series in April and Formula One Grand Prix in May are the times when Monaco is crowded by tourists. For artists, events like Monaco International Non Violent Movie Festival and Springs Arts Festival are a reason plus to visit Monaco. Luxurious hotels, clubs with fabulous parties, and grand casinos are the places for entertainment-seekers who want nothing but the best nightlife experience. The balmy climate and its location on the seaside make it perfect for summertime walks. If you’ve got more days to spend during your holiday, you can use your spare time to visit Italy, the French Riviera, and the nearby cities.