MLB Divisional Round Preview

The playoffs are looking like must watch tv this season! Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison

By Wiley Singleton

The MLB playoffs are in full swing. The best of one wild card games are out of the way and now the real series begin.

Dodgers vs Nationals – This game is the most interesting of all the Division Series. The Nationals have an exceptional starting pitching staff. The Dodgers do as well. The postseason in baseball is based around the starting pitcher. This is especially true for Washington, who have an awful bullpen. Stephen Strasburg, Max Scherzer, and Patrick Corbin will need to pitch long and well for Washington to finally make an NLCS. They had to use Strasburg to get through the Wild Card game. Expect Washington to have to bring in their elite starters in relief again to secure wins.  The Dodgers are the heavy favorite, but Washington is a much bigger threat than the Milwaukee Brewers would have been. The Dodgers are known for their bench depth and powerful lineup. Prediction: Dodgers 3-2

Cardinals vs Braves – The Braves have a solid young core that is starting to hit their prime. They have a powerful top of the order. They have several potent starters and a solid bullpen. The Cardinals are decent, but the Braves have the advantages across the board. Prediction: Braves 3-1

Astros vs Rays – The plucky Rays will try to ride former Astro Charlie Morton to an upset. The Astros are simply too deep. Their starting pitching top 3 is the best in baseball. Charlie Morton will steal a game for the Rays, but the Astros have a lethal offense that will not be stopped. The Rays have some solid offensive weapons, but the Astros lineup is terrifying. Prediction: Astros 3-1

Yankees vs Twins – The Yankees were plagued by injuries for the majority of the year. They maintained a division lead throughout most of the year. They hit for a lot of power and have the best bullpen in baseball. The Twins boast a team with a ton of homers. The Twins do not have nearly as much pitching as the Yankees. The Yankees have a potent lineup and better pitching than the Twins. Prediction: Yankees 3-1