Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Preview

Will ‘Iron’ Mike put on a show on Saturday night? Image Courtesy: Russell Thomas

By Kyler Kuehler

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. will air on November 28, 2020, in Los Angles, California.

America is a land of second chances and feel good comeback stories. This is the concept that is driving sales and viewership of the upcoming Tyson vs Jones fight. Sure there are a few undercard bouts that could be entertaining such as YouTube influencer Jake Paul squaring off with former NBA player Nate Robinson. Apparently there will also be some musical performances by Lil’ Wayne and Wiz Khalifa. Will Snoop Dog show up?

Here’s the thing to remember, the Tyson/Jones bout is an exhibition. If things get out of hand, the referee will put a stop to it. Immediately. Only in 2020 can we be afforded to watch two 50+-year-old men battle in the ring. It’s been a year like no other indeed… Now on to the Main Event!

Main Event (Pay-Per-View)

MIKE TYSON (50-6-0, 2 NC) vs ROY JONES JR. (66-9-0)
This is an eight-round main event in the heavyweight division. Both are former champions and always put on an epic fight whenever they step inside the ring. Tyson is possibly the scariest man to ever compete in the sport. His power and aggression make him a true force to be reckoned with. His 44 wins via way of knockout makes everyone wonder if Jones stands any chance at all. Jones does have three more knockout wins than Tyson. Also, the fact that he is three years younger than Tyson might give him an advantage. Jones could put major pressure on Tyson and throw heavy hands to cause damage to Tyson. Tyson will not let Jones get a few shots in without landing of few of his own. Tyson will also not show any signs of being scared of Jones. He will go all out and even toy with Jones to see how he will react. All-in-all Tyson will make Jones play his game just like he has done to many of his former opponents. My prediction: Tyson wins via unanimous decision.