Mackenzie Dern on Her Way to the UFC?

Mackenzie Dern (l) is ready for the UFC. Photo Courtesy: Andy E. Wang
Mackenzie Dern (l) is ready for the UFC as long as she hones in a few other skills.
Photo Courtesy: Andy E. Wang

By Kyler Kuehler

Undefeated jiu-jitsu specialist and strawweight contender Mackenzie Dern added victory five with a submission win (armbar) over Kaline Medeiros. Mackenzie Dern has been getting great attention from her jiu-jitsu performance. Her biggest goal is to get into the UFC just like every other fighter dreams to accomplish.

It be interesting to see how she would roll in the contenders in the UFC. Dern has great potential to make a name for herself in the UFC. But from her current record how close is she to entering in the UFC?

She is undefeated and has efficient jiu-jitsu, proven in her fights with three wins via submission and two via decision (both unanimous). Seems like enough to finally grab Dana White’s attention, right?

Well, not exactly. Don’t get me wrong Mackenzie Dern is a great athlete with a lot of potential. However, before that happens she must first fix up a few of her techniques before she even sees the UFC.

Her jiu-jitsu is great, so there is not much to mention here, only to continue to improve. It would also help to learn more grappling if it’s to be her specialty. Judo and wrestling techniques would help her become more efficient to her opponents where they will all be thinking twice before fighting her on the ground.

Then there is her speed, which once again is good but not great. In order to make it to the top in the UFC speed is one of many aspects needed. Shown in her fights she can get ahead of her opponents from speed. However, it is not as quick as it should be. Practicing karate and taekwondo would be great help of improvement more to the point she will be difficult to stand toe-to-toe with.

Finally, her striking is the biggest setback she must improve on as she holds no wins of knockouts/TKOs. She uses striking, but does not have any focuses of striking techniques to use. Striking is the most crucial part of the sport and not knowing any kind of boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai then she is bound to become Ronda Rousey. When she faces a well-rounded striker with great takedown defense the odds are she’s going down and down hard. If Dern begins to be efficient in striking with her hands and feet she will be dangerous on feet and the ground. Dern could even turn herself into one of the most dominant athletes in MMA.

Though, Dern is still young and has a lot to learn anything. Maybe in her next fight fans will get to see great improvements in her techniques to where she will be one step closer to finally grabbing Dana White’s attention.