Leland Sundries: Your New Favorite American Band

It's time to get to know the Leland Sundries and enjoy their music. Photo Courtesy: Emory Parker
It’s time to get to know Leland Sundries. Enough said. Photo Courtesy: Emory Parker

By Peter Gerstenzang

Their astonishing American eclecticism is written right into their name: They are Leland Sundries. And the second half of their monicker really nails it. They play wonderfully-noisy Country Rock like Neil Young and Crazy Horse, lovely, sad Folkish stuff like The Jayhawks and lipstick-layered Glam, like The New York Dolls. But don’t let all this confuse or unsettle you. At day’s end, Leland Sundries play Rock and Roll and sound like nobody but themselves. Check out their first full-length CD, music for outcasts and you’ll get the musical message loud and clear.

Led by bearded, darkly-handsome Nick Loss-Eaton (who writes the tunes), this Brooklyn-based band (featuring Matt Sklar on bass and Curtis Brewer on guitar), has been shaking the real and virtual world since they released outcasts, a few weeks ago. They have just come off a successful national tour, been building a big following and none other than the “Dean” of American Rock critics, Robert Christgau, just gave them an A- in Noisey. If you know this brilliant, picky cat, he doesn’t hand out that mark too often. He referred to Loss-Eaton as a “genius.” The guy is still blushing too hard to say much about it.

However, he does say, “We’re really starting to feel the momentum now,” says Loss Eaton. “The tour was long and hard. But all I needed was to rest up for about a day and I was ready to go back out there. That’s how great the band and the audiences were.”

Tours are one thing. But having the album around to play, when you need a bracing dose of Rawk is another. Buy music for outcasts ASAP. And see what Christgau and other top critics have been saying. Then get ready. With luck, soon, like the Monkees, Leland Sundries may be coming to your town.

You can buy the new CD music for outcasts at lelandsundries.com