Kyle Snyder looks to make a name for himself in the UFC.
Kyle Snyder looks to make a name for himself in the UFC.

By Kyler Kuehler

2016 Olympic Gold Medalist and Ohio State University wrestler Kyle Snyder made history at the 2016 Rio Olympics as he became the youngest USA Champion in Olympic Wrestling to win gold at age 20, which beat the original record set by current UFC flyweight contender Henry Cejudo at age 21 back in 2008 in Beijing. After attending UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio Kyle Snyder tweeted:

“I want to fight in the UFC.”

With that now being said by the Olympic Gold Medalist I am sure the UFC, especially Dana White, has been focusing some attention his way as the company is always looking for new talent and to have another Olympic Gold Medalist join their roster would surely help keep the company at the top.

Though Snyder has stated his interest in possibly joining the UFC the question we must ask is, “Can he actually make it?” After all, mixed martial arts does contain wrestling as one of the primary skills in the sport, but it also contains a lot more that surely cannot be accomplished in just a short amount of time.

We all can agree the wrestling area of the sport Snyder is well-equipped with and so there is no doubt that he would be able to out wrestle almost any opponent thrown his way as well as having limited time to recover from matches so even the discipline part is very much in his skill set, but before anyone can decide if he will be able to make a career competing inside the Octagon of the UFC we must first see how well he handles a whole new level of competition where he will not only have to avoid takedowns, but strikes and submission holds.

I am not saying he should not try MMA, I would love to see him compete in the sport since I love to watch wrestlers compete in the sport, but before he does I think he should get all the necessary training he needs and actually take a great amount of time evolving into a fighter that could possibly one day dominate the sport before he steps inside the octagon.

To help him do so he should start out with a smaller company first to prove that he can actually compete in MMA and once he masters that, then sign him to the UFC and let him prove himself even more that could possibly leave the entire UFC wondering if he is the gold medalist champion they have been waiting for since 1993.