Judas Priest in Big D on Saturday Night

Judas Priest: Producing quality metal since 1969. Photo Courtesy: Justin Borucki

By Jennifer Wise

If there is a concert that you’ve been waiting for this year that would be memorable and epic and the talk of the town, then catching the upcoming Judas Priest performance on April 28 at the Bomb Factory in Dallas is the place to be.

Rob Halford is still the helmsman for Judas Priest and at the top of his game with few noticeable changes in his vocals with their 18th album Firepower. While Ian Hill, Glenn Tipton, Scott Travis and Richie Faulkner, who took over where KK Downing left off, there will be no other show that will top this one this year.

The chemistry between these legendary musicians is over the top and on fire for the 2018 tour, promoting the album Firepower, which seems to fall back to the 70s and 80s sound of Judas Priest with a deeper baritone voice from Rob Halford. One thing is, you will not be disappointed.

So come make your memories for 2018 with Judas Priest this Saturday at the Bomb Factory in Dallas. Show starts at 8 and doors open at 7pm. Saxon will be opening the show along with Black Star Riders who will be going on just before Judas Priest.