Jose Aldo versus Renato Moicano is A Must

Photo Courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia

By Kyler Kuehler

Number four-ranked featherweight Renato Moicano has quickly risen to fame in the featherweight division. He is coming off his biggest win over Cub Swanson at UFC 227, finished him via submission in round one.

Now looking for new blood he has expressed whom he wants to see next inside the octagon.

In a tweet he stated:

There’s only one fight that makes sense while we wait Max vs. Ortega. Moicano vs. Aldo to determine who will fight for the title. You’re a legend @josealdojunior, but it’s my TIME!!!… I’m ready!!!

That’s right, he wants the former featherweight king Jose Aldo.

Aldo is 27-4 in his career; Moicano is 13-1-1. Okay, so Aldo holds twice as many victories as Moicano along with bigger names. Looks like Moicano might have called for a death wish.

Wait one second─Moicano might not have as many victories, he still has the techniques.

Look at his Muay Thai, he hasn’t knocked anyone out, but it’s very deadly and just as dangerous as Aldo’s. He’s out struck fighters such as Jeremy Stephens, Calvin Katter, and Brian Ortega.

Yes, Ortega defeated him via submission in round two so there is his only career loss. However, he still managed to land over a hundred strikes leading him with 109/65. Pretty impressive over a freak like Ortega.

Now Aldo looks like he could have his money put where his mouth is.

He still holds 16 victories via knockout, so Moicano will have to watch himself against that kind of power.

To help will be his jiu-jitsu where he holds six victories via submission; Aldo only holds one.
It appears like Moicano chances against a legend like Aldo have skyrocketed. Aldo has faced many grapplers and beaten them, but Moicano is different.

His jiu-jitsu can out grapple the jiu-jitsu of Aldo and place him in a world of trouble. After all, Aldo’s best chances are to stay standing and Moicano understands that all too well.

Aldo won’t give Moicano much chances to do so and that is just more reason to making this fight happen.

From the striking and grappling it will test both fighters beyond their limits. It will prove just how epic the featherweight division is and why both are so very dangerous to it.

“Dana White make this fight happen!”