TCU has a new head basketball coach in Jaime Dixon

 TCU's new men's basketball coach Jamie Dixon returned to his Alma mater after 13 seasons in Pittsburgh. Photo Courtesy: Danny Karwoski
TCU’s new men’s basketball coach Jamie Dixon returned to his Alma mater after 13 seasons in Pittsburgh. Photo Courtesy: Danny Karwoski

By Matthew Behrndt

Former TCU point guard Jaime Dixon, is now the new head coach at his Alma mater.

In his junior and senior year at TCU the team went on to win back to back Southwest conference titles. As a senior, in 1987, he earned All-SWC honors and graduated with a degree in economics. In 2007 he was inducted into the TCU Athletic Hall of Fame.

TCU has come a long way since Dixon played there, a big reason has been the climb all the way to the Big 12 conference. However, while the football program is on the same level as other Big 12 schools, the basketball team is not.

The team has struggled since joining the Big 12, posting a 50-79 record overall and going 8-64 in conference play, all under head coach Trent Johnson. It wasn’t a surprise that Johnson was let go at the end of this season. It seemed improbable however, that they would land a man that had signed a contract through the 2023 season.

Rumors started to swirl around March 19 and only a few days later it was officially announced.

Dixon has a great resume as a head coach. He has taken a Pittsburgh Panthers program that was mediocre at best, to perennial tournament goers. In the 13 years as coach the Panthers have gone to the tournament 11 times. They have made five conference titles games including a 2008 Big East tournament championship as well as two regular season titles in 2004 and 2011. His overall record as head coach is an exemplary 328-123.

The contract figures are undisclosed but we know that the length is six years. Dixon, wasted no time in meeting with his new players.

The major key in hiring a coach of his caliber is the ability to recruit and relate to players.

He has has some notable recruits that have made it to the NBA, such as: Aaron Gray, Sam Young, DeJuan Blair, Steven Adams and Lamar Patterson. His recruiting strategy seems to revolve around power forwards and centers. Since he has ties from recruiting players in the northeast it certainly means that TCU will get a few more northeastern players in the lineup.

However, there is already so much talent in Texas, which TCU has been mostly unable to take advantage of. They have a great campus and lots of money. Just take a look at the new basketball facilities. The key for Dixon’s success will be his ability to pull in big name recruits from the DFW area.

Dixon’s style is defensive oriented. TCU is not going to be flying around the court, they are going to play get your nose dirty defense. Under Dixon you will see more physically fit players that will buy into his system to succeed. He will defiantly look to bolster up the back line and get a lot taller and bigger.

This transformation will not be quick. It will take a few recruiting years to get the roster he wants for his style of play. TCU fans should expect a sharper and more balanced team on the floor and definitely a better record in conference. Dixon has a good point guard transfer in Alex Robinson coming to add to an already above average front court. He also has a recruit in Josh Parrish that will also add to depth at the guard position.

TCU fans should be excited about this hire. Dixon will transform this program,  but only if you give him enough time to work through his plan.