It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door

If you dared to question Caitlyn Jenner's nomination for ‘Woman of the Year’ you were immediately labeled a bigot, no matter if you unquestionably supported her transition from Bruce.
If you dared to question Caitlyn Jenner’s nomination for ‘Woman of the Year’ you were immediately labeled a bigot, no matter if you supported her transition from Bruce.

By Paul A. Esquivel

A new year, another notch in the belt and a testament of time to mankind’s time here on Earth. It’s a strange and scary time, but then again hasn’t it always been?

Sixteen years ago people thought we’d be thrown back into the Stone Age because of Y2K. The saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same” is maybe not a saying but rather just a quote from a game, but either way it’s true.

For 2015 the Internet decided to cast new extremes and draw new lines in the sand to the point where more and more we’re seeing the use of common sense and logic to approach basically any type of social issues being allowed less and less. Instead, you are forced to choose just one side or the other. We saw people offended by yoga classes saying it was “cultural appropriation,” but remained silent on true attacks on culture. We also saw the Internet all but lose its mind at just the thought of a black Stormtrooper.

These new politically correct police and Social Justice Warriors (SJW) have strength in numbers now more than ever, but the damage done by the tolerance of intolerance isn’t affected by their presence very much. I used to think people who used the phrase “Pussification of America” were just people of lower caliber thinking, but I found myself thinking that at almost every headline trending in-between the important news.

I’m not just setting up the idea that it’s Cry-Bullies who are responsible for everything wrong with us today. Yeah they aren’t helping, but that’s the case for a lot of people. Look at the world around us. Are we as a species kind of just making it up as we go? Has this whole social experiment we call existence always been doomed to fail?

Yes? No? Maybe?

It’s hard to watch our society progress and enlighten in some areas while staying in the bliss of ignorance in others that really count. South Park hit the nail on the head this season forcing us to look at ourselves in the mirror, again, showing how social issues are used as trends to win social brownie points among Facebook friends. The new mantra for us seems to be the opposite of Berkley’s, ours being “appear to be, instead of be.”

We made Caitlyn Jenner ‘Woman of the Year’ to feel good about ourselves and nothing else.

Her actual character was overlooked for either superficial reasons or ones for which we can pat ourselves on the back. If you dared to question her nomination for ‘Woman of the Year’ you were immediately labeled a bigot, no matter if you unquestionably supported her transition from Bruce. This all or nothing attitude made micro-aggressions the new and easy excuse to jump down someone’s throat and appear “smart.”

But again, it isn’t just the Cry-Bullies pissing in the community punch bowl at this party. On the other side we can see the exact same attitudes being used. An example of this is how you either have to choose to hate all police or agree there is an imaginary war on them. It became taboo to mutually have respect for the men and women who protect and serve in police departments while also wanting the number of corrupt cops to be held accountable. We also see this in the video game world. If you support GamerGate you’re called a misogynist, if you criticize its ugly moments you’re a Fem-Nazi.

Just writing this, I can imagine someone reading it and immediately calling me a typical racist homophobe who doesn’t get it. Many cry oppression when there isn’t any, these people also chose to ignore or tell those people who actually are being oppressed that they don’t matter. We’re even going as far as to try to make history PC, with schools dropping the landmark, anti-racist book Huckleberry Finn for its use of the N-word.

The irony in that situation is almost sickening because one of the most anti-racist novels in history is being pulled from shelves and hidden from our youth for being “too racist.” During all this we’re seeing the majority of our country adopt a new race to mutually oppress and discriminate against, seemingly agreeing that all Muslims are terrorists while our very own Hitler 2.0 eggs them on.

The lines were drawn and we all but gladly adopted the “us against them” mentality, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Don’t fret, for every era has had its errors, some mistakes have taken longer to learn from and all of this is nothing new.

The stage is the same, only its players have changed, it’s still about who you sit by in the lunch room, it’s just through your Facebook account now. What we could maybe all use right now is some moderation, as the great Oscar Wilde once said “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

We have to have the ability to admit that we were wrong. We have to take our ugly moments in history with a grain of salt and not act like they don’t exist, otherwise how are we supposed to learn from them?

Ignorance is an anchor to progress, and fear turns ignorance into hate. It might be a natural response, but it’s our obligation to be better than that by fighting against that response. I guess the point I’m trying to make here is, we’re the home of the brave, let’s start acting like it.