Is Godzilla vs. Kong the Film Theaters Need?

Will Godzilla vs. Kong be enough to fill seats in theaters?. Photo Courtesy: Patrick DB

By Kyler Kuehler

2020 was a terrible year for everyone and one business that was hit hard was the film industry. Without theaters to show films many companies had to convert to online streaming, releasing on a paid program, or even delaying films until 2021 or 2022. From all that has gone on, AMC considered bankruptcy towards the end of last year. Theaters are now more desperate than ever to have films back in the theater.

Though there have already been a few new films released in the past few months, none have brought in enough revenue to help keep the theaters afloat.

It seems like all hope is lost. However, in two months the film Godzilla vs. Kong which has been anticipated for many months will finally hit the big screen.

Now some or many might argue that this film will not be the fire to ignite theaters revenue again. This speculation is due to the fact that three films before (Godzilla 2014; Kong: Skull Island 2017; Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019) all made between $380 to $570 million dollars, which is child’s play compared to films grossing well over a billion or even two billion dollars.

Yes, it does seem like this film has little hope to help theaters get back on their feet, but remember that there have not been many highly recognizable films released ever since theaters began to show movies again.

Godzilla vs. Kong has been talked about by fans and the film industry for many months and after the first trailer dropped it looks like it’s just the right film theaters are desperate for.

The trailer revealed just how epic the film appears to be. It seems as if audiences will get a true battle between two of the most iconic monsters in the history of film.

Nothing wrong with that; in fact, it appears to be all right, all right in every way.

It also will be full of surprises to get audiences more excited to check this film out.

Now yes, some are probably going to watch it on HBO Max where they can stream it, but there will still be plenty of fans out there wanting to experience this possible blockbuster on the big screen.

After all, it’s been forever since many people got to see a movie at the theater, and what better film to see than one filled with action, special effects, and giant monsters locked in battle.

Check out the trailer to see if Godzilla vs. Kong piques your interest.