Iron Maiden @ Dos Equis Pavilion 09.21.19

Photos by Dustin Schneider /Words by Matt Stubbs of the Jerry Jones Massacre Show

If you were wondering why high pitched melodies, blazing guitars, and a sword-wielding mummy zombie were all present at the Dos Equis Pavilion on Saturday night. It was a little band from East London. And that band is called Iron Maiden. And they brought family with them to help slay the silent September night. 

The family Iron Maiden brought was the guitarist in the band Raven Age, George Harris. He is the son of Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris. The Raven Age is a metalcore band from the UK. This powerful 5 piece, brought tight musicianship and lots of black clothes. My favorite was their black jeans with holes at the knees. I guess traveling around the world and playing metal takes its toll on the knees. These fine young men were pro’s at synchronized head bobbing and group fist banging. And the metals fans loved it. Their use of the random 808 drop and hand gestures were Jedi like. They played a very user-friendly style of hard rock and metal. They also loved Dallas, or at least love saying, “Dallas”. Because they mentioned Dallas 17 times during the set. Iron Maiden did a good job of reminding all of where everyone was at as well.  

Iron Maiden fans range in ages from 8 because of Hot Topic, to 65 because of beer and weed. Or it was just the 3rd weekend of the month so all the old rockers had their spawn with them because they couldn’t get a sitter for the evening. The passion and crowd force was strong with all of them regardless of the age. Everyone sang along with Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden. I’ve never been to a show that started off with an advertisement for a game app of the band playing. I guess that’s first world problems. I also have never been to a show that started with a full-sized hanging WWII Spitfire plane dangling from the sky. But there’s a first time for everything, and it was quite a sight to see. This was fullest I’ve seen this venue since the glory days of Pantera. And the same amount of “Dad” weed was present. Iron Maiden played all the hits. And maaannn they are good at what they do. You could hear chants for Eddie in the parking lot hours before the show started. And Iron Maiden unleashed him in dramatic fashion during the middle of the set. A swordfight between Bruce and the zombie Eddie broke out. And as usual, the mighty vocalist from IM was triumphant. Iron Maiden is living the dream. To become old playing metal, fly planes, and waive Brittish flags at any time, anywhere, in front of anyone they want. This band means a lot to their fans. The merch line was the longest merch line I’ve ever seen at a show. And there were around 5 booths. And the coolest merch they had was an Iron Maiden Aviator hat you could buy for $100.00. Just in case you needed to fly home or get into a dog fight after the show.  

If you have not seen Iron Maiden, do yourself a solid and put it on your bucket list of live acts to see. You will not be disappointed. And Eddie would appreciate your support. And he’d even appreciate it more if you downloaded the app., and played the game!

Iron Maiden

The Raven Age