How to Land a Job in Sport

Photo Courtesy: Lukas

In terms of desirable career paths, a job in sport ranks right towards the top of the list of many people’s priorities. However, this also means that it is bound to be ultra-competitive for you to get your foot in the door. Don’t be defeated; if you are passionate and dedicated enough, you can still achieve your dream career path. Here are some practical steps that can help to set you on the way.

Make an action plan 

Sport is obviously a wide field, so you need to know which area of it you are aiming at. Are you interested in the coaching side of things or an office job like sports marketing? Of course, both of these career paths will involve different steps than if you want to become a professional athlete. While your end goal may be to obtain one of these jobs, you also need to think about the practical steps that are going to get you there. Consider whether you need any further education or experience. Are there jobs available in your local area or do you need to travel to get them?

Develop the right experience 

Unless you are looking at a complete entry-level position, you are going to need to develop some experience. Take a look at the educational institutions such as that can help you to get there. If you don’t need a further qualification, it may be that internships are the best route, so check out what sort of companies offer these programs. Be prepared to be persistent as any program that you apply to is likely to be heavily oversubscribed. 

Put yourself out there 

People are not going to come knocking on your door asking you whether you want a job – you need to be willing to put yourself out there. Look out for any organized networking events. There is no doubt that these can be daunting at first but remember that there is a first time for everyone. Don’t be intimidated by people who have more experience than you as these are exactly the kind of people who you are there to meet. Make sure to make a good impression and exchange contact details. Your work is not yet finished. You also need to follow up with the people you have met after the event itself. 

Understand the industry thoroughly

Entering this field requires a highly targeted approach. While it is great to have passion, this may not be enough to get you over the line. Instead, you need to be meticulous in your approach, seeking out new opportunities wherever they are available, following up on emails and calls, and developing your knowledge wherever possible. Even the most rudimentary experience can prove to be useful if it helps to set you apart from the crowd.

While landing a sporting job is not easy, when you eventually get there, the rewards will be all the sweeter knowing that you have worked so hard.