How To Fit Your Artistic Aspirations Around Your Daily Routine

Photo Courtesy: Brett Sayles

Not every artist is fortunate enough to call their passion a full-time gig. 

The tale of the aspiring musician, painter, or actor is traditionally one of hardship, failure, and yet through it all, perseverance. Today that sentiment resonates more than ever.

In ordinary times, artists struggle. In 2017, NBC San Diego reported that artists both lived and worked in open warehouses due to a lack of affordable resources, doing whatever it took to practice and perform their craft. 

Still, nothing will extinguish the dream. No matter what you are facing, here are some tips to help you pursue your art around your daily routine. 

Livestream Your Talents

No matter the reason, if live performance is not possible, then it is not the end of the road just yet. 

Livestreaming can help you reach a larger audience from all over the world, which is incredibly helpful if you are just starting out. You do not need to be an artist of a certain pedigree, nor do you need connections and buckets of dollars to showcase your talent. As long as you have a computer and an Instagram page, you are all set to show the world what you have got. 

The coronavirus pandemic added extra pressure for artists too, as the suspension of live performances put the blues community under strain, with others in the arts undoubtedly feeling that bite also. The best thing you can do here is be adaptable, rather than quit when the chips are down. After all, that is practically the motto of the aspiring artist, so if you are out of opportunities it could be time to make your own. 

If you are busy raising kids, or travelling for work, then performing from the comfort of your home will help you just fit other activities into your schedule a little better. Additionally, if there is a recording of your work after the livestream has ended, people can continue to engage with it long after you have signed off. If it continues to be shared, who knows, perhaps it could go viral while you are back to the grind of your daily routine? 

Involve Your Family 

Sometimes, juggling the different aspects of your life becomes a lot easier when you organically merge them together. 

If you are a family man or woman, then perhaps the odd bit of family time can also be devoted to your art. You could put on shows for your family or teach the youngsters of the pack an instrument. If you are a seasoned performer, then rifling through old photo albums of your past projects or performances could be a wonderful thing also, staying in touch with that side of yourself together. 

Art can be quite an insular and introspective thing, but it can also be a collaborative endeavor too. For example, one New York family livestreamed their performance together during the May 2020 lockdowns, going viral in the process on Instagram and receiving coverage from major news outlets. You do not need to get that level of attention; the point here is that artsy activities can be done together. Whether it is drawing, acting, singing – if everyone gets involved, fun and unity is assured. 

Choose the Right Studio

Studios come in different shapes and sizes, and many of them have different rules. 

The world of the artist can be quite elitist, but there are many welcoming spaces dotted throughout the industry. Your best bet is to go somewhere that promotes an inclusive, encouraging environment that is open to all. Such studios can really help you nurture your talent and keep the faith.

Even in the Big Apple, you can find a great New York recording studio that suitably ticks every box. For example, is open 24/7, a self-service studio where you can book a private room for all of your production, vocal capture, and mixing needs, amongst many other things!                           Professional equipment is provided free, with affordable day rates for all. You can pop in for an hour or spend an entire day there on a rare day off, it is up to you! They understand that every artist needs a quiet production space, and that really is the crucial element here. 

Plan Rigorously 

Even the busiest people waste a moment or two every day, even if they never quite know it. 

Make things easier for yourself by drawing up a solid schedule. That way, it becomes that much easier to accommodate your art into your life. Set up your practice places the night before, or perhaps do some extra work on a weekend or evenings to free up time elsewhere. Perhaps you can order groceries online, and use that hour you would have spent wondering the store to perfect your craft?

The overarching point here is that if you look hard enough at your schedule, you can probably discover at least one or two areas you can adjust. Some routines are not always cost-effective or time friendly, so identify areas of weakness in your routine and change them where you are able. For example, you can turn your phone off for an hour to avoid having numerous distracting conversations with friends. In the end, if your art matters to you, you will find a way to make it work.