How The Phillies Are Conquering The World

The Philadelphia Phillies are so much more than their two World Series wins. Photo Courtesy: The West End


The Philadelphia Phillies have enjoyed ups and downs in their MLB history, but it’s one of the most prestigious histories of them all – stretching right back to their formation as the Philadelphia Quakers in 1883. They are so much more than their two World Series wins suggest, as they have become one of the world’s most recognizable and loved baseball brands, with fans from across the globe. This was demonstrated last week when the Phillies played host to Dave Shaw, a huge fan who traveled all the way from the United Kingdom.

The UK’s Biggest Phillies Fan

Despite hailing from and living in England, more than 3,400 miles from Citizens Bank Park, Dave Shaw is a huge fan of the Phillies and makes as many visits to Philadelphia as he can. He’s one of a growing number of Phillies fans who reside in countries that don’t have professional baseball leagues of their own, so what was it that first attracted him to the Fightin’ Phils? Serendipity is the answer. He was on a business trip to Philadelphia in 2011 when he was invited to his first game, and at the time he didn’t even understand the rules of the game. By the end of the game, however, he was hooked, and a lifelong love affair began that distance could not dim.

Given The VIP Treatment, Phillies Style

The Phillies commercial team understand the importance of reaching out to their fans across the globe, not just across Pennsylvania. That’s why when they heard Dave was visiting Citizens Bank Park again this month, they really rolled out the red carpet. Dave and his girlfriend Sarah were given prime seats to watch the Phillies take on the New York Mets. Dave was also interviewed by NBC Sports’ Gregg Murphy, and he even got to achieve a lifetime ambition of sorts by being befriended by the Phanatic. The highlight of Dave’s trip was seeing the Phillies emerge triumphant from their rain-delayed match, but don’t tell that to Sarah, who also accepted his proposal of marriage over the weekend!

The Importance Of Embracing New Markets

Major League Baseball is as popular as ever in the United States, but it can now be watched on television by fans across the world, and this is opening up important new revenue streams and merchandising opportunities for the Phillies. Dave Shaw is used to staying up into the early hours in England to watch his team in action, but he also posts about the Phillies on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis, reaching out to other fans across the United Kingdom. In our ever-evolving world, social media and specialist websites such as The Planet Of Baseball will become just as important to an MLB team as the OPS stats of their players.

Despite their global fame and history of success, the Phillies remain a friendly club who appreciate their fans. That was shown by their treatment of Dave Shaw, and they even managed to send him home with a smile by beating the Mets as well – despite the attempts of the weather to scupper his plans. With the enthusiasm of Dave and other fans from the United Kingdom and across the world, the future of the Phillies is looking bright.