Hardcore Henry Movie Review

Hardcore Henry looks to reinvent the action flick with its first-person point of view. Photo Courtesy: STX Entertainment
Hardcore Henry looks to reinvent the action flick with its first-person point of view. Photo Courtesy: STX Entertainment

By Paul Esquivel

I hate to start it off like this but the brutal truth is that Hardcore Henry is what Deadpool should have been. The phrases “non-stop action” and “bloody-good time” have never truly applied to a movie until now. Hardcore Henry is at its most fun based on this concept. Almost everything about this movie is perfect. I will do my best to keep out spoilers because this movie has some really cool and clever twists.

Directed and written by Ilya Naishuller, Hardcore Henry is a first-person film experience like nothing else. Naishuller found a way to combine the first-person view of Grand Theft Auto V, the gun play and weapon style reminiscent of Black Ops 3, and the brutal hand-to-hand combat legendary to The Raid all into one bad ass roller coaster of gore and mayhem. Hardcore Henry writes a beautiful and bloody love letter to the over-the-top action movies and video games that sweep lovers of either one off their feet.

The plot unfolds to the audience through the eyes of the titular Henry. It’s immediately apparent that Henry is being brought back from the dead using cybernetics that basically enhance him to the point that he’s pretty much a meta-human super soldier. That’s literally all you need to know about Hardcore Henry. Otherwise I might start giving away some awesome plot twists and surprises that are found on this one-way adrenaline ride to fucking rad town.

I cannot stress enough what a spectacle Hardcore Henry is. This film is truly a one-of-kind experience. The whole movie plays out like one of your most amazing, testosterone-driven fantasies; and that’s whether you’re a man or woman. Go see this movie as soon as possible and I promise that you won’t regret it. (Spoiler Alert!) I mean we get to see a guy have his gonads crushed by bare hands.

Sharlto Copley really does steal the show for what is really a performance of a lifetime. The fact that this movie was made on a budget of $2 million dollars is what makes Hardcore Henry even more impressive. The gore never feels like its too much and the dark story unfolds so naturally we are as surprised as the characters. We experience the entire movie from Henry’s point of view. It’s predictable but in the best ways with the most violent and artistic action sequences to ever grace the screen. Seriously the only short comings the film has are the cookie cutter villains who, if we really love video games are always cookie cutter and one dimensional. If this film makes you squeamish and/or gives motion sickness, know that you are weak and natural selection is coming for you.

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