Guide For 80 Ball Bingo

Photo Courtesy: Naim Benjelloun

Bingo is a simple game played by millions across the world. It seems that its simplicity is the key to the success that Bingo has become. Despite Bingo being an easy game to play with simple rules to understand and a straightforward concept to follow, it does come in various forms and these have adapted somewhat, to fit into an ever-changing world. This is why we have speed Bingo, that has been especially made for the online generation of Bingo players that are used to fast entertainment and are probably more slots focused than Bingo focused. Even if their game of choice may be slots, it is important to appeal to this audience as it contains many young people who are in fact the future of the best bingo online game. 

Bingo Formats 

Bingo mainly comes in four different forms and these are 30-ball Bingo, 75-ball Bingo, 80-ball Bingo and 90-ball Bingo. 30-ball Bingo is the quickest of the games but if you have time on your hands you may want to indulge in some 80-ball Bingo play instead. 80-ball Bingo is still pretty fast but doesn’t feel as rushed as 35-ball Bingo and despite it not being as successful as the other forms of the game out there, it still has a solid fan base. 80- ball Bingo was a bit of a rare niche in the game a few years ago but many online casinos now accommodate this version.

80-Ball Bingo Explained 

80-ball Bingo has more In common with 75-ball Bingo, but the layout of the Bingo cards differs. 80-ball Bingo cards are laid out in a 4 by 4 grid and each column is a different colour. This colour sequencing helps players visually differentiate between each column easily. 

In Bingo Halls a Bingo Caller reads out the numbers whilst online, 80-ball Bingo relies on the RNG or Random Number Generator that is used extensively in the online gambling world, to pick the numbers. 80-ball Bingo is a relatively new addition to the World of Bingo. Therefore there are subtle differences to how it is played from site to site. 

Winning Lines 

Like all forms of Bingo, the main way to win is by getting a full house. For this to be achieved, players have to match up all 16 numbers. You can also win smaller amounts by crossing off all four numbers that sit in the corners of the Bingo cards. Variations on this can also be found and they usually consist of having to cross off the numbers in the centre of the card instead. You can play 80-ball Bingo at various online casinos and Bingo sites and it makes a pleasant change to the other common forms of the game. 

Final Thoughts 

Although 80-ball Bingo lags behind other forms of the games when it comes to popularity, it does make a pleasant change to play, as it isn’t as restricted by rules like other bingo comes. It is quite a fast game to and can easily be played around anyone’s busy schedule.