Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins Playoff Preview

The always elusive Aaron Rodgers has a wealth of experience and has pulled more than one rabbit out of his hat to win a game. Photo Courtesy: Mike Morbeck
The always elusive Aaron Rodgers has a wealth of experience and has pulled more than one rabbit out of his hat to win a game. Photo Courtesy: Mike Morbeck

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins
Sunday – January 10 – 3:40 PM CT
FedEx Field – Landover, Maryland

Records Before the Game
Green Bay Packers (10-6, 5-3 away)
Washington Redskins (9-7, 6-2 Home)

Who does Washington need to shut down?
RB Eddie Lacy – Eddie Lacy is a true throwback player. There isn’t another running back in the league with his physique. To be honest, I love it. Lacy looks like he just eats, naps, works out, and then shows up for Sunday. For a lot of this season, it seemed like that was his actual schedule, because he was really lacking. It appears that he’s back, and the Washington defense best be ready to execute some swamp/gang tackling, because it seems that Lacy plays like he’s made out of a superball, bouncing off of the first tackle for bonus yards.

Who on Washington, needs to step up?
DE Ryan Kerrigan – Kerrigan is a beast, no Cowboys bias will sway me otherwise, the man is the truth. He’s only got nine and a half sacks because opponents must double team him on seemingly every play. Rodgers better prep his running legs, because if the Packers don’t chip Kerrigan with a back or tight end, Rodgers is going to be eating that chin cup of his. Oh. Wait. Never mind. I forgot that the Packers run a college, two-step and out offense which totally takes away pressure.

Which group will give Washington fits?
The Green Bay Secondary – DeSean Jackson versus Damarious Randall. It’s an emerging rookie against a veteran who loves to do nothing more than dust corners and have safeties watching the jumbotron for proof that that wasn’t a ghost that just blew by him. Jackson is likely to get his, but I like the Packers likely slapping Quinten Rollins on Jamison Crowder, and asking him to out talent him, because I think he can. HaHa Clinton-Dix is a top-flight safety in the league and I think can handle Jordan Reed, or at least get in his head and cause him to get felonious. The key is going to be who the Packers will answer Pierre Garcon with if Sam Shields can’t escape the concussion protocol. I probably hold the Packers’ secondary in higher esteem than anyone south of Milwaukee, but if they can’t keep Garcon in check, they’ll have to sacrifice some coverage from elsewhere.

Which group will give the Packers fits?
The Washington Running Game – The game plan for Washington has been play-action based to spring DeSean Jackson deep, but for that to open up, they’ve got to run the ball. They’ve done a great job of keeping both backs, Alfred Morris and rookie Matt Jones, in fantasy football screwing-me over freshness with the delegation of carries. Not burning either one out with excessive carries. If Washington can capitalize on running out of passing formations and downs, Washington could be running themselves into the Divisional Round.

What will it take for Washington to win?
What Washington needs to do, is jump on the game from the sound of the starter’s pistol. They need to establish that the Packers are on the road and aren’t welcome. Washington needs to roll into halftime with a two touchdown lead, because then Aaron Rodgers plays his worst.

Prediction: Washington 31 – Green Bay 20