Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys: The Lone National Game

America will be watching America’s Team this Sunday take on the Green Bay Packers.
Photo Courtesy: KA Sports Photos

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Green Bay Packers vs Dallas Cowboys
Sunday – October 6 – 3:25 p.m.
AT&T Stadium – Arlington, TX

Records Before the Kick
Green Bay Paclers (3-1)
Dallas Cowboys (3-1)

Seriously..? The F*** with the schedule makers? I understand having the London game start at noon with everything else, because of the west coast viewership for the Raiders’ fan base, but still TWO games in the afternoon slot! I understand, this game, Packers at Cowboys is going to draw the hot numbers, but with nothing against it on the other side but Broncos-Chargers, the eyes of the sports world will be on AT&T Stadium.

The Packers are coming in with extra prep/rest time, having played last Thursday against the Eagles, where the game didn’t go as the stats would have led you to believe. The concept of Aaron Rodgers throwing 53 passes in a game, AT LAMBEAU, and the Packers losing. Bat-sh**! The lead back, UTEP’s Aaron Jones had thirteen carries, and maybe that used to work in the old McCarthy system, where running it all through Rodgers was the way, but Matt LaFleur is a setup man rather than a put it on the shoulders of the quarterback coach. The Packers have won a slugfest opening night against the Bears (didn’t watch/wouldn’t have even if you paid me to); a solid game against the Vikings where the balance really shined through (34 passes/33 rushes); and a pretty frills-less game against the Broncos. But, the area that the Cowboys are looking at to attack is the Packers’ run defense. I know, being a Cowboys’ fan, that whatever the team facing them has looked bad at, it’ll be an immediate turn around and the Packers will be on fire with shutting down the run, but in preparation it’s getting it done with Zeke Elliott that’ll right the ship for the Cowboys. The Eagles were SUPER methodical last Thursday, sticking with the run game, continuing to move the chains, and strike when the plays were there (only a single reception went 20 or more yards for Wentz, and it was JUST 20 yards).

The Cowboys are going to dodge a bullet with Davante Adams missing the game with a turf toe injury, but the Cowboys’ injury list is pretty impressive. Tyron Smith is out. La’el Collins is going to play through a back injury. Michael Gallup is pressing to go. Zack Martin is labored. And Demarcus Lawrence has three separate injury designations (Knee/Shoulder/Heel) but isn’t going to sit.

Why press it? Why play through it? Because THIS Cowboys team needs to beat this Packers team. There are a lot of guys on this roster who have only been beaten by Aaron Rodgers and his last second comebacks. They can really use a victory after having the entirety of the world supernova on them following a two-point road loss. My observations from that game: Holy Sh** Robert Quinn is out to prove; Randall Cobb factually lost the game for the Cowboys with his two drops; and finally go back and watch the ref who spotted the ball after a completion on the final drive of the game, he’s a straight bottle rocket, like actually MOVING.

The defense looked good. They looked like they wanted to look. The linebackers looked hot again and the pass rush was getting the work done. Like, previously mentioned, the Packers will be without Davante Adams, so that’s a headache that won’t need attention. The Packers added a pair of strong ends/rush linebackers in Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith. Now all Cowboys’ people know Preston Smith from his time with Washington, he’s a tremendous run stopping edge player with a limited rush potential. Za’Darius Smith is better at the rush side than run stopping but it is rather nice to see Green Bay open the wallet in free agency to address some defensive side needs.

This is a prove it game, with all eyes on them, so the Cowboys are going to want to get advantageous to secure this win and create their chances.

Dallas sharks the victory…

Final Score
Dallas 28
Green Bay 24