How Good is the New X-Files?

After a 14 year absence, The X-Files returns to Fox. Photo Courtesy: Mr White
After a 14 year absence, The X-Files returns to FOX.
Photo Courtesy: Mr. White

By Connor Risenhoover

It’s been nearly a decade since Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder were on the trail of vast government and science fiction conspiracies. The duo and the show they made famous, The X-Files, returned to FOX earlier this January in the form of a six part miniseries.

This is a time of revivals. Mad Max, Jurassic Park, even Star Wars attempted to cash in on the nostalgia of a fan base while producing original content. The directors and studio take an already created world and tell different stories rather than building an entirely new one.

Whether a fan of this type of storytelling or not, it is hard to argue against its success. Fans turn out with cash in hand to relive the glory days of their nostalgia.

X-Files is just another example of this revival/remake entertainment model and like some of the biggest hits, it does this very well.

Rather than just hit viewers with a rush of cheap nostalgia, X-Files returns to its tried and true formula but takes it in a more modern setting while progressing the story.

There are no real additions to the familiar cast and the writing staff returned to produce what feels like X-Files episodes that could have been done at some of the best points in the series’ original run.

The two episodes released so far cover some of the most compelling X-Files plot points, supernatural cases and cover-ups by the American government. In a time where the latter has proven true, this part of the episodes come across as much more believable than they would have in the nineties.

The writing feels consistent as well which has proven to be a difficult thing in updating a past show for modern times. Characters act the same as before with updated technology and clothes but little else has changed.

The series feels believable. Mulder and Scully act as they would always act. They are real people who have not shifted dramatically from the last time the audience saw them together.

Most importantly, there is cohesion between this mini-season and the rest of The X-Files. Rather than existing in its own specific space, it feels like a natural progression from where the original X-Files series left off.

Despite the number of shows that have attempted to capture the magic of the original series, the X-Files still remains a pillar of sci-fi television. After the first episode premiered, it felt like there had never been a gap between seasons nine and ten.

The episodes stand alone in their own right as well. Tightly shot and well written, X-Files has the feel of many modern dramas despite using a formula it made famous nearly twenty years ago.

That might be the most amazing thing of all. X-Files inspired so many of today’s drama and sci-fi conventions. It feels completely natural to watch the current season without having seen previous episodes.

The story being told works for fans who have seen every episode and movie or people who have only heard about it and want to give it a try.

Despite being only a limited run, there are plans to reboot the X-Files if there is enough buzz for the show. There have been rumors of plans to continue with filming if there is enough outcry from the public.

Either way, the new X-Files is definitely worth checking out if you have any nostalgia for the old series or enjoy a nice sci-fi drama with tons of conspiracy tied in.