Launches “Play With The Pros”’s innovative new Play With The Pros instruction platform enables golfers to immediately connect with a world-class golf teacher to personally analyze a student’s golf swing and provide two-way golf instruction anytime, anywhere. (Photo/

NEW YORK — announced the launch of “Play With The Pros,” the golf industry’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for golf instruction.‘s innovative new instruction platform will enable millions of golfers to immediately connect to a world-class golf teacher who will personally analyze a student’s golf swing and provide two-way golf instruction anytime, anywhere.  

The underlying Play With The Pros technology is called SwingAI. SwingAI uses artificial intelligence to accelerate a teaching pro’s ability to analyze and identify problems with a users’ swing. This information is then personally scored by the instructor, resulting in an interactive and personalized lesson plan designed to correct swing issues and advance a player’s overall game.

Play With The Pros will also power leading golf instructors around the world, enabling them to scale their business and work with players of every skill level, in any location.

Tom Beusse, CEO of GOLF magazine and the website, said: “ is our digital gateway to all things golf—from top-line journalism, to equipment and instruction, to travel and golf destinations. We are pleased to add this innovative Play With The Pros feature to the site, to further enhance the experience of golfers at all levels using the latest technology.”

The golf industry is going through a digital transformation that provides golfers a better user experience directly related to game improvement,” added Rick Geritz, CEO of SwingAI. “When players improve, they play more, buy more, and grow the entire game.”

Golf Teachers Highlight Value

Leading golf instructors that have used Play With The Pros believe‘s new feature will radically improve golf instruction.

Kellie Stenzel,‘s senior instruction advisor said: “Play with the Pros, powered by, will allow golfers to have access to the top teachers throughout the United States and  the world. Each golfer will receive a personalized roadmap to success in an understandable and personalized lesson plan.”

Ms. Stenzel added: “Play With The Pros is a personal two-way instruction experience that gives me constant communication with my students, to monitor their progress and improvement in real time. Video can be uploaded from any smartphone, and the artificial intelligence (AI) engine helps me provide each student the most relevant information specific to improving their game.”

Carol Preisinger, 2017 LPGA Teacher of the Year and a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America, said: “Play With The Pros is a transformative moment for golf instruction. The Artificial Intelligence engine allows me to rapidly create and manage the lesson plans of thousands of golfers simultaneously, resulting in game improvement that is affordable, accessible and on a player’s schedule. As a teacher, this allows me to help thousands of players worldwide.” 

To experience Swing AI technology, subscribe to Play With The Pros on the website.

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About SwingAI

Golf instruction has changed forever. Your mobile phone camera is now your golf coach and golf instruction is now about you, your goals, your swing, and your schedule. SwingAI provides you a AI driven two-way, on demand golf instruction experience from the world’s top golf instructors, anytime, anywhere. Your golf swing is personally analysed and assessed producing a custom lesson plan and interactive teaching experience to help achieve your golf potential, SwingAI, Artificial Intelligence for golf instruction.

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