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Gerrard Fans Flocked To See His First Match in Texas

Steven Gerrard brought in new crowds in his first match at FC Dallas. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

Steven Gerrard brought in new crowds in his first match at FC Dallas.
Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By Stephen Elliott

The FC Dallas game still had majority red jerseys in the stands, but half of them were wearing number eight in support of former Liverpool superstar Steven Gerrard.

The match between two nearly identical records played as such for majority of the match. FC Dallas scored first in the middle of the first half, however the lead was quickly squashed early in the second half. The match ended 2-1 in favor of LA Galaxy after two second half goals by another former Premier Leaguer Robbie Keane. However, all eyes were on Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard’s performance was not his usual best that Liverpool fans were accustomed to, but spurts of his greatness were on display. His defensive backtracking, (that would often result in a perfectly timed slide tackle) his good through balls and his aggressive ball striking were all on display.

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Still a lot of Gerrard’s game was missing. No goals or assist, but even Gerrard will say you don’t have to fill up the stat-sheet to have an impact on the game. His usual long crosses went unattempted and most corner kicks were taken by someone else (these problems are probably out of his control). You could see the frustrated body language as he shouts and points out to players where he wanted them to be.

All in all, we’re fortunate to see Steven Gerrard playing in America. His impact will be felt by teammates, fans and young soccer players. It will be hard to adapt to playing in the states, especially his first year. The transition from Premier League to MLS is going to be different and difficult. He was playing with some of the best players in the world, it will take some time for Gerrard to get use to the talent that surrounds him now.

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