Film Review: “Hard Kill” starring Bruce Willis

By Jay Betsill

Bruce Willis is back! Well…sort of.

“Hard Kill” was released simultaneously in theaters and digital on-demand in August and made little noise, but it has appeared to the ‘water cooler talk’ world by virtue of its landing on Netflix.

The thriller starring Wills and Jesse Metcalfe made its way to Netflix on Nov. 23rd and has become a mainstay in Netflix’s Top 10, proving that Willis still has star power and generates enough interest for the millions of people of are off for the Thanksgiving holiday to give a viewing to this B-movie action flick.

Willis stars as billionaire Donovan Chalmers, who hires ex-Special Forces mercenary Derek Miller (Metcalfe) and his team for what is supposed to a VIP protection assignment but quickly morphs into an entirely different operation that involves saving Chalmers’ kidnapped daughter Eva from an international terrorist known as “The Pardoner.”

Miller has history with “The Pardoner,” hence why he was chosen for this gig.

What follows is a series of shootouts mixed with “The Pardoner” working on his Rubik’s Cube en route to attempting to get the code to unlock Eva’s “Project 725” invention that would enable him to essentially take over the world.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not.

This is the third collaboration between Willis and director Matt Eskandari following “Trauma Center” and “Survive the Night” which are both currently available on Amazon Prime.

Metcalfe, who will be instantly recognized by fans of Desperate Housewives and the TNT reboot of Dallas, does not have a lot to work with in his role as the head of the mercenary tea, but certainly has the screen presence to carry an action movie.

The main reason for recommending watching “Hard Kill” is to know what everyone else who is watching it will be talking about.

Scale of 1-10: 4