Film Review: Extraction starring Bruce Willis

By Jay Betsill

Extraction” starring Bruce Willis as a CIA operative Leonard Turner, who is being held captive while on an undercover assignment to recover an item called The Condor, a mobile computer capable of hacking the entire global telecommunications infrastructure as his CIA analyst son attempts to rescue him sounds like it would be a great film for fans of the Die Hard series.

And it’s not terrible.

Not to be confused with the Netflix 2020 film hit “Extraction” starring Chris Hemsworth, this film is a 2015 release that essentially features Willis in a few scenes, but its actual star is Twilight alum Kellan Lutz. Lutz stars as Harry Turner, who learns that the CIA is more concerned with recovering the Condor than saving his father’s life so he goes rogue and tries to save the elder Turner.

When the CIA director discovers what has transpired, he sends field agent Victoria Phair (Gina Carano) to recover The Condor while keeping Harry out of the investigation. As one might guess, Victoria and Harry once dated, so when she finds him rousting a biker bar and saves him from a beat-down, she gives in and allows him to try and save his father.

What follows is dialogue such as “So you have no plan?” with the response of “It works in the movies.”

There are a few familiar faces that appear in the film including D.B. Sweeney (Eight Men Out, The Cutting Edge) as one of Willis’ closest confidants and the popular poker player, and social media influencer Dan Bilzerian as a CIA agent who had been escorting Harry before he escaped.

There are a few twists at the end, albeit not to the level of Willis’ classic The Sixth Sense or the recently released Jason Patric thriller “The Vanished“and certainly not entertaining enough to make this movie worth recommending for anything more than killing a couple of hours (82 minutes actually) on a rainy afternoon.

“Extraction” is currently available for streaming on tubi and PlutoTV with ads or for rent on Amazon Prime.

Scale of 1-10 – 5