Essential Clothing To Take Hunting

Photo Courtesy: Peter Anderson

One reason people love starting a new hobby or sport is the opportunity to buy new gadgets and gear that will help them succeed in their chosen pastime. Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy and filling their wardrobe with new kit?

Starting hunting as a hobby is no different; there are a whole plethora of items that can be purchased to help assist you and provide comfort and safety. With most hobbies, some items will have to be purchased as they are a necessity, but there are always items that can be purchased just because they are stylish or fun. Here’s a handful of items you might want to consider purchasing when you’re just starting out.

Camouflage Clothing
A key aspect of hunting is to blend into your surroundings in order to not scare away any game animals in the vicinity and there plenty of options available. What to buy really depends on the area you are going to be hunting in. Will you be amongst dense woodland and bushes the majority of the time or will you be seeking out waterfowl amongst the rivers and marshlands? What time of year will you be hunting and will the ground be covered in snow? There’s a whole catalog of camouflage available for all climates and terrains.

Warm Clothing
Most hunting seasons take place during the winter months when temperatures can drop dramatically. As you’ll be spending plenty of hours outdoors, with long periods of standing still, you’ll need to keep as warm as possible and have multiple layers at hand. Merino Wool is a great fabric to purchase as it is a great insulator and absorbs any excess moisture that occurs. You can find many base layers are made in this fabric which is a great place to start from when buying your hunting wardrobe.

Waterproof Clothing
Even if you’re not hunting waterfowl you’re probably going to get wet at some point during the hunting day. Weather can always be unpredictable and there is nothing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm without the right protection. A waterproof jacket should be a staple item in your day bag; they are light, easy to carry and should fit in a backpack without issue. Waterproof trousers are great for wading through riverbanks and there are waterproof boots available too. Be sure to purchase some waterproof spray to keep footwear in the best condition possible.

Safety Clothing
When choosing hunting as a hobby, safety and security should always be top of your priority list. No matter how confident you feel, accidents can always occur, so it is best to take precaution where possible. The safest thing to wear out hunting is a blaze orange item of clothing. Easily detectable by the human eye, this color will ensure you are not mistaken for a big game animal when walking through forests and grasslands. Again, this color can be purchased in camouflage or a block color depending on the game you are hunting. Jackets, waistcoats, trousers, and hats are all available in most hunting stores.