Hollywood Profile with Heidi Dillon
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April 4, 2012 - By Nicole Barrett – @MsNicoleBarrett

One of the most elegant women in Dallas gave me a glimpse into her life of glitz, glamour, and reality TV. Truly one of DFW's trendsetters, Heidi Dillon sets the pace for others to follow. Grab your popcorn and get ready, the Heidi Show is on.

Photo Courtesy: Bode Helm & La Mode Dallas
Tell us exactly what is a Fashionista and what is the purpose of the organization? To be an international champion of the fashion arts through exhibitions, scholarships and educational programs, positioning Dallas as a portal to the global fashion community. The Fashionistas is a non-profit organization that has launched the careers of emerging Dallas fashion designers - to date Nha Khanh, Shirin Askari, Prashi & Elizabeth Anyaa. We also provide scholarships to local fashion design students and have a lecture series entitled Fashion talk that has featured local and international luminaries including Hamish Bowles of Vogue, Dr. Valerie Steele from the Museum at F.I.T., and Vince Camuto, to name a few. We have also helped sponsor major fashion exhibitions including Balenciaga and His Legacy: Haute Couture from the Texas Fashion Collection at the Meadows Museum of Art and Yeohlee: Design for Now at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Michael Kors serves on our Advisory Board. The Fashionistas are open to everyone who shares our fervor for fashion.

How did you join the cast of Big Rich Texas? The original iteration of Big Rich Texas was Dallas Divas and Daughters. About four years ago the company that produces BRT discovered my website and contacted me.  Initially, they wanted to do a show with The Fashionistas as the unifying principle and cast some of my board members as primary characters.  The concept evolved into a mother-daughter theme when they learned about our student group, The Fashionistas Two.  I worked with the producers on casting the mother/daughter duos for the show. I was not involved with Season One of BRT. When Season Two was about to begin filming, Pamela Martin-Duarte contacted me and asked if I would like to be involved in the show as a secondary cast member. Her idea was to exit the country club and get back into the Dallas social scene through The Fashionistas and me.  I agreed to meet with the producers to discuss the idea.  Before I made my decision, however, I had to talk it over with my family, my manager at Principato-Young and my partners at Morning Dew Pictures. (She is a partner/executive producer at Morning Dew Pictures, which is a Los Angeles based television production company). My husband told me that I would be remiss if I didn't give it a shot and my manager and partners thought that being on the other side of the camera would give me valuable insight as a producer.

What are some of the pros and cons of television fame? On the pros side, I had such a good time filming with Pam, LeeAnne Locken, Connie Dieb, my assistant Linnea Thulin and all of the wonderful members of The Fashionistas who agreed to join in the fun and populate scenes.  Also, Style Network's website, MyStyle.com, is featuring all of the designers we have worked with in our Runway Series events on the site. That's huge! And, my manager and partners were right – I have learned a great deal about the production process through being on the show. On the cons side, honestly, people can be so bloody ugly. It's really disappointing.
What are your plans for the future?
Morning Dew Pictures now takes up most of my time. I do development for our company, which takes me out of town quite a bit.  Hopefully, after my son graduates from high school in four years, we will move to Los Angeles. 

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