Eat Spicier Food for a Spicier Life

The spice of life… Photo Courtesy: RPPhotos

According to the latest survey, if you eat spicier foods, it is more likely that you also lead a spicier life. The survey examined about 2,000 Americans. During the survey, the correlation between personalities and taste buds were examined. According to results from the survey, people who preferred hotter foods were also found to lead hotter lives.

In the survey, the researchers asked the participants a series of personality questions. Next, the researchers grouped the answers based on the preferred level of spiciness in meals. That is; hot, medium, mild, none. As a matter of interest, the results showed that those who loved spicier foods were more likely to lead hotter lives.

Lead an Adventurous Life with Spicier Food

The study concluded that spicy palates actually correlated with an increased sense of adventure. In fact, people who love spicier foods also loved listening to very loud music and expressed love for roller coasters. Not only that, but they also loved driving their cars very fast. As well as taking more risks when it came to betting in aussie pokies online games.

Scuba diving, skydiving and taking rafting trips were among the activities that had been undertaken by lovers of spicier foods. In addition, they had gone bungee jumping 6 times more than those who do not eat spicy at all. Furthermore, of the 2,000 people examined, 45% had traveled out of the country.

Also from the survey, results showed that people who love hotter foods rated their happiness level at 10 than those who didn’t like spices. Not only that, but they also rated how happy they were at their jobs at a perfect 10.

The study also found out that people who love hotter foods were goal-oriented. In fact, 29% of those people had a dream that they were actually actively working towards. Those people also showed higher scores for being extrovert and sociable. Actually, they loved meeting new people. Also, they viewed themselves as good public speakers.

According to, there is still an on-going debate whether eating spicy foods affect athletic performance or not. However, spicy food affect performance is if you have a sensitive stomach.

Finally, this group of spicier food lovers was found to have hotter relations in the bedroom. The study found that they had double the amount of fun as compared to those who didn’t like hot food.