Fan Days 2016

FD2016 2

By Paul A. Esquivel

Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days has graced DFW and while its one of 3 nerd shindigs I look forward to, the super was missing from the gathering of hero’s in what felt like the least exciting Fan Days yet. Even though it’s the least exciting of them doesn’t mean it was still fun.

Some may disagree with me considering main cast members from Gotham, Flash, and Arrow where there and minors from Star Trek but it wasn’t that, plus I fan boy-ed like crazy over Will Friedle. It was that you saw all you could see at the convention, not counting the amount of time spent waiting in line to get an autograph and/or picture with your guest celebrity of choice. The best things about this years Fan Days was most definitely The Cosplay.


Like every year, comic-book, video game, and movie character came to life. There were awesome costumes and cosplay of both new and classic characters, but the quality was the best I’d seen from the DIY crowd. Of course the new Star Wars characters were out in full force and I was surprised at the lack of Deadpool cosplay, while disappointed at the lack of Fallout and Rick and Morty cosplay, still everything else cosplay wise, easily more than made up for it.

The other thing to really go for this year were the artists and being able to get pieces commissioned there or finding a new artists, Fallout artwork was hard to find but whats a good con without a good hunt? Here is a link to Fan Days 2016 gallery, go there to check out all the awesome cosplay out photographer was able to snap

I cant wait for Fan Expo in June and Fan Days next year